Can I leave my car at Gatwick Airport?

Can I leave my car at Gatwick Airport?

Is there free parking at Gatwick airport? Yes, there is free parking at the Gatwick Long Stay car park for 2 hours – making it a great choice if you’re on pick up duty. There are also designated drop-off areas outside the North and South terminals where you can park for free.

Which is the best airport parking at Gatwick?

The Gatwick Long Stay North parking will probably be most useful if you want an on-airport Gatwick car park which is near to the terminal building, meaning the transfer time is minimal. Alternatively, you can use the Summer Special car park situated a little further away from the North terminal.

Is Long Stay parking open at Gatwick?

Long stay. Long Stay North is open throughout the year and is just a 5 minute bus transfer to the terminal. The long stay car park allows you to park your car, keep your keys and take a short bus transfer to the north terminal. Ideal if you want to keep your keys and are going away for more than a few days.

Where can I park at Gatwick Airport?

Off-airport parking: How it works

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time
APH Car Park, Gatwick Airport Park & Ride 10 minutes
Gatwick Airport Long Stay North Terminal Parking Park & Ride 7 – 12 minutes
Gatwick Airport Long Stay South Terminal Parking Park & Ride 7 – 12 minutes

What is the cheapest parking at Gatwick?

Cheapest Gatwick Parking Deals

Car park Transfer time Weekly price*
Purple Parking Park and Ride 10-minute shuttle £29.69
Cophall Parking 15-minute shuttle £34.95
APH Park and Ride 15-minute shuttle £36.73
I Love Park and Deliver 5-minute shuttle £43.50

Is there free parking at Gatwick Airport?

Alternatively you can park for free in our long stay car park for up to two hours, using our free shuttle bus to the Terminal. You can use this for drop offs too.

Where can I park for free at Gatwick Airport?

Here are some streets with free parking nearest to Gatwick Airport:

  • 2-hour free parking in the Airports long-stay car parks.
  • The Coronet.
  • The Close.
  • Haroldslea Close.
  • Haroldslea Drive.
  • Balcombe Gardens.
  • Avenue Gardens.
  • Silverlea Gardens.

Is there free parking at Gatwick airport?

Can you drop off for free at Gatwick?

Is there an option to drop off and pick up for free at Gatwick? Anyone who does not wish to pay the forecourt charge will be able to drop off or pick up passengers in the airport’s long-stay car parks with two hours free parking and a free shuttle bus to the terminals. Follow the signs for ‘North Terminal long stay’.

How much does it cost to park a car at Gatwick Airport?

For longer stays we recommend parking in one of our long stay car parks each of which feature a five-minute bus transfer every 10 – 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. The price is £25 per day for the first day and £20 for subsequent days .

Are there any car parks at Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport offers a wide range of Gatwick parking options available exclusively for pre-booking on our website. We have a wide choice of parking options from budget to premium Our car parks are closest to the terminals Safe and secure parking with 24 hour CCTV Official Gatwick bus shuttle service from long stay car parks

What happens if you leave your car at Gatwick?

Last year, police warned people flying from Gatwick to be wary of leaving their cars with ‘cowboy’ parking firms after 1000 vehicles were discovered parked up to their axles in mud in a field close to the airport. Thankfully, Purple Parking’s site is fully paved.

Where is the purple parking at Gatwick Airport?

Purple Parking Gatwick, located on the south side of the airport, can accommodate up to 3200 cars and deals with around 70 arrivals every hour in peak season. More than 280,000 cars and almost 900,000 people pass through each year. It’s a hands-on operation requiring an army of permanent staff, 24/7/365.

Is it safe to park your car at an airport?

Since airports usually don’t have strict security when it comes to long-term parking, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your car is safe at airport parking lots. A vehicle with visible valuables is more likely to gain the burglar’s attention. They will take advantage of lax security measures and dexterously break into the vehicle.

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