Can you find gemstones in WV?

Can you find gemstones in WV?

In West Virginia, gem and mineral colors are more sedate but finds can be, in some ways, more unusual. The age of the state’s rock layers and formations has created mountains of mineral deposits like the common calcite and fluorite and, for the jewelry enthusiasts, gems like lithostrotionella and quartz.

What gemstones are in West Virginia?

West Virginia designated Lithostrotionella, a Mississippian fossil coral as its official state gemstone in 1990. This coral and many other varieties lived about 340 million years ago, during the Mississippian Period, at a time when the state was encroached on by a shallow sea.

Is there Opal in WV?

Supposedly there are no gemstones in WV, according to geologists, however Opals have been found at Coopers Rock and the third largest diamond found in the US was found in southern WV (the Punch Jones diamond) proving geologist wrong.

Is there buried treasure in WV?

Not to far north of Kermit on route 52, on the east bank of the Tug Fort River, is a buried treasure of approximately $200,000 in gold coins. Dennis Atkins supposedly buried the cache near the toll bridge in the 1900’s. West Virginia lost treasure may be located in ghost towns.

Is there diamonds in West Virginia?

Diamonds don’t exist naturally in West Virginia, yet one of the largest ever found was discovered accidentally in a horseshoe pit in Monroe County in 1928.

What do you get from gemstone mining in West Virginia?

Gemstone and fossil mining is a fun-filled activity for all ages, but it’s more than just that. While panning you many find amethyst, rubies, emeralds, arrowheads, crystals, and much more that results in a precious keepsake to remind you of your treasure hunting experience in the Mountains of West Virginia.

Where was the first Gem mine in the United States?

Maine tourmaline: The first commercial gemstone mine in the United States that was operated by miners other than Native Americans was at Mount Mica, Maine. There a large deposit of tourmaline was discovered by two boys in 1820. Two years later a mine was opened which has yielded thousands of carats of gem-quality crystals.

When was the first coal mine in West Virginia?

West Virginia made it their state stone to do that very thing! As you search just remember that it was discovered during the colonial times, as far back as 1742 with the very first coal mine opening in 1810.

What kind of fossils are found in West Virginia?

All mineral and fossil hunters want to find that one incredible piece, for many that would be an amazing dinosaur fossil. In West Virginia you might just find the Megalonyx Jeffersonii, the state fossil. This dinosaur became the state fossil in 2008 though it became extinct in the Pleistocene Age.

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