How To Optimize the Battery of the iPhone X

Most guides to save battery on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch talk about quite counterproductive advice in which you are invited to disable features such as Wi-Fi, background updates, location services, notifications… We talk about counterproductive advice because, even if they allow you to save some extra battery, they make the device practically unusable. After all, then […]

Strange Indeed a Fancast for The Stand: 88 “Heist” (Black Summer S1E06) “The Tunnel” (Black Summer S1E07) and “The Stadium” (Black Summer S1E08)

This is the ultimate review of the Sixth, Seventh and Eighth episode of Netflix's new show “Black Summer” titled “Heist” “The Tunnel” and “The Stadium”. Rima and Shawn break down their top five from the episodes as well as share notes about the episode.  Tune in to hear the News from Netflix and Black Summer. […]

Texas homes heat up as power companies alter smart thermostats | AppleInsider

Texas homeowners have discovered their homes are getting warmer despite the use of air conditioning, with the discovery that energy companies are remotely adjusting the thermostat to higher temperatures with minimal warning. Residents in Houston and surrounding areas have complained that their thermostats have been increasing in temperature, seemingly on their own. Rather than keeping […]

Which type of climates cover Canada?

Which type of climates cover Canada? Central Canada and northern Canada experiences subarctic and Arctic climates, much of them arid. Those areas are not heavily populated due to the severe climate, where it drops below −20 °C (−4 °F) on most winter days and has a very brief summer season. Which is the warmest city […]

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