Do you capitalize provinces?

Do you capitalize provinces?

Capitalize the word province only when it refers to the government of the province.

Should Canada be capitalized?

Proper nouns take capital letters. “Canada”, for example, is a proper noun and is always capitalized. For instance, “country” is a common noun and is not capitalized, even when it is used as a synonym for a proper noun such as “Canada”: I enjoy vacationing in Canada.

Do you capitalize Western civilization?

A proper noun as well as a conventional place name. A business name is a proper noun. Western civilization.

Is London in Northwestern Ontario?

Since then, London has grown to be the largest southwestern Ontario municipality and Canada’s 11th largest metropolitan area, having annexed many of the smaller communities that surrounded it.

Is city capitalized in city of Chicago?

When used generically to describe a city which could be any city, then the word “city” is lowercase. However, when used as part of a proper noun, the word “city” is capitalized along with the rest of the proper name.

Do you capitalize southern Canada?

Capitalize such words as northern, southern, eastern, and western when they refer to the people in a region or to their political, social, or cultural activities. Do not capitalize these words when they merely indicate general location or refer to the geography or climate of the region.

Is federal government capitalized Canada?

When it comes to words such as federal, state, provincial, government, or national, only capitalize the word when it is part of a proper noun. A proper noun is the official name of a person, place, or thing.

When Should West be capitalized?

You should only capitalize directions, such as west, when you are referring to it as the proper noun, such as “in the West.” If you are merely referring to a direction, such as “go west on I-90,” then you should keep west lowercase.

Is London Canada a good place to live?

With a vibrant past, the city has grown into a lively and happening place. It’s the perfect location – close to various other big cities and the United States-Canada border. With a fairly mild climate – especially compared to further north – London sees all 4 seasons. It’s the ideal place to call home.

Which is the best definition of the word northwestern?

Definition of northwestern 1 often capitalized : of, relating to, or characteristic of a region conventionally designated Northwest 2 : lying toward or coming from the northwest 1 often capitalized : of, relating to, or like that of the Northwest northwestern wildflowers

How did the north western territory get its name?

For other geographical names that use the term “Northwest”, see Northwest (disambiguation). The North-Western Territory was a region of British North America extant until 1870 and named for where it lay in relation to Rupert’s Land.

What’s the per capita GDP of the Northwest Territories?

Economy. The Northwest Territories has the highest per capita GDP of all provinces or territories in Canada, C$ 76,000 in 2009. However, as production at the current mines started to wind down, no new mines opened and the public service shrank, the territory lost 1,200 jobs between November 2013 and November 2014.

Do you capitalize the name of Lakehead University?

Example: Lakehead sent the document to both the provincial and federal governments. The names of buildings on campus are capitalized. the University, referring to Lakehead U ( but: There are 23 universities in Ontario.) the Faculty of Business Administration ( but: The business administration faculty and staff…)

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