Does Bursa Turkey have an airport?

Does Bursa Turkey have an airport?

Yenişehir Airport (IATA: YEI, ICAO: LTBR) is an airport in the city of Yenişehir in the Bursa Province of Turkey.

Does Odense have an airport?

Hans Christian Andersen Airport (Danish: Odense Lufthavn, also often referred to as Beldringe Lufthavn) (IATA: ODE, ICAO: EKOD) is a small airport serving the Danish city of Odense. It is located in the village of Beldringe, some 9 km north-northwest of the city.

How do I get from Istanbul to Bursa Turkey?

There are no trains from Istanbul to Bursa, and taking a bus all the way around the Sea of Marmara takes hours through heavy traffic, so you’ll probably end up traveling by fast catamaran ferryboat.

How do I get from Istanbul to Cappadocia?

For travelers on a short trip, flying direct to Cappadocia from Istanbul is a popular option. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines offer regular flights to Cappadocia’s two airports throughout the day and night. The flight time is 80 minutes. Turkish Airlines offer the most options for Cappadocia-bound flights.

How much does it cost from Istanbul to Bursa?

The quickest way to get from Istanbul to Bursa is to take a car, tickets to which cost on average 20 USD and travel time is 2 hours. ✚ How far is it from Istanbul to Bursa? The distance from Istanbul to Bursa is 57 miles.

How much is the ferry from Istanbul to Bursa?

The ferry takes 80 minutes and costs 20TL per person. From Güzelyali to Bursa, take the local bus to the metro, which you will take to the last stop, arriving in the city center. Total time (including ferry, bus, and metro) from Istanbul to Bursa is about 2 1/2 hours.

Which is the closest airport to Bursa, Turkey?

This airport has flights from Istanbul, Turkey and is about 90 km from the center of Bursa, Turkey.

Is there an international airport in Istanbul Turkey?

It is the airport that provides both domestic and international flight service from a single terminal. It is located in the European side of the city of Istanbul and not far from black sea coast. It is the airport that receives most of the traffic from the passenger coming from Asia and Europe since October 2018.

Are there any airlines that fly to Bursa?

Airlines flying to Bursa are listed here. You can view route information for airlines that fly to Bursa, compare the prices of both low cost and traditional airlines which fly to Bursa and book your flights by clicking the links below

What is the IATA code for Izmir Turkey?

Izmir Airport – IATA code ADB – (~ 12 Mio. Izmir Airport known also as Adnan Menderes Airport is an international airport for the city of Izmir and the surrounding province in Turkey. It is name after Turkish prime minister Adnan Menderes. The airport is on a distance of 18km southwest of the city centre.

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