How did colonialism positively affect africa?

How did colonialism positively affect africa?

Creation of a large political unit: Another positive effect of colonialism was the creation of large political unit. This was advantageous because it helped most African countries like Nigeria to grow faster. Before the coming of colonial masters to africa, most African countries had divided systems of government.

What is the positive effects of colonialism?

In Southeast Asia, colonialism did have the positive effect of European investment and construction of canals and irrigation systems. African territories also saw roads and other infrastructure as a result of colonialism. However, such progress came at the expense of harsh treatment by the colonizers.

What are the benefits of colonization?

Benefits and harm Colonial governments invested in infrastructure and trade and disseminated medical and technological knowledge. In some cases, they encouraged literacy, the adoption of Western human rights standards, and sowed the seeds for democratic institutions and systems of government.

What are the positive effects of Spanish colonization?

Positive effects Spain’s purposes to colonize Mexico and the other colonies were getting new land, resources, and to spread Christianity. As they conquered Mexico, they got new land. Spain plundered lots of resources from their colonies, opened up trade and get profits and spread Christianity.

What are the negative impacts of colonialism?

Negative effects of colonialism. One of the major negative impacts of Colonialism was slavery. Right from India to Africa, people were being enslaved and taken to the mother country. They were being forced to leave their families and work without pay.

Why was colonialism a good thing for Africa?

Colonialism was beneficial because it provided infrastructure for economic development and some social services. They were to enable transport of people, goods and services with the aim of improving the Economy of the African Continent and this was achieved since trade was conducted easily between Africa and the European States.

What was one of the positive effects of colonization?

Education In Africa this is considered to be one of the positive impacts of colonization and that was beneficial to both the Europeans and the Africans in general. It was meant to enlighten Africans so that they would be able to work efficiently under the Europeans regime without any difficulties.

What was the result of the colonization of Africa?

Sanitation in Africa improved greatly, and the life expectancy rate increased tremendously. Due to European colonization Africa became more industrialized. Europe spread education to Africa. Eventually Africa had a class of educated leaders who later fought colonialism. Education, arts and literature to flourish as it never had before.

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