How do I get from Narita to Haneda Airport?

How do I get from Narita to Haneda Airport?

The fastest way of getting between Narita and Haneda, which is fully covered by the JR Pass, is to take the Narita Express (also known as N’Ex), followed by short journeys on the Yamanote line and the Tokyo Monorail. The whole journey takes around 1 hour 55 minutes when you factor in layovers.

How far is HND from Narita Airport?

about 80 kilometers
The distance between the two airports is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) via taxi. You can take either a train or a bus to go to the other airport, but taking a cab is the fastest way since it takes only one hour each way between Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

How long does it take to get to Haneda Airport from Tokyo?

Limousine buses to Haneda Airport depart Tokyo Station every 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on the traffic situation, the one way journey usually takes between 40 and 55 minutes and costs 950 yen.

Should I fly to Haneda or Narita airport?

Haneda is much closer to downtown Tokyo, and is increasingly being used for long-haul flights especially to the US. Narita, on the other hand, is served by more international carriers and has a broader selection of airport lounges to choose from.

How do I get a transit visa for Japan?

How to Apply for a Japan Transit Visa?

  1. Contact the Embassy or Consulate to book an appointment.
  2. Collect the required documents for a Japan Transit Visa (see below)
  3. Submit the documents at the Embassy/Consulate or the travel agency.
  4. Wait for the visa to be processed.
  5. Collect your passport Embassy/Consulate/travel agency.

How long is the road from Tokyo Haneda to Tokyo Narita?

The distance between Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) and Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) is 60 km. The road distance is 80.9 km. How do I travel from Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) to Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) without a car?

Is there a train from Narita Airport to Tokyo?

The private railway company Keisei also runs the Skyliner express service from the airport to the Yamanote Line stations of Nippori and Ueno on the east side of Tokyo. All seats on the Skyliner must be reserved. If you have a limited budget and no time constraints, take a leisurely local train ride into Tokyo.

Is there a bus from Osaka to Narita Airport?

Yes, there is an overnight bus departing from Ōsaka and arriving at Narita Airport Terminal 2. This bus operates every day. The journey takes approximately 9h 51m. Is there a direct train between Osaka and Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT)? No, there is no direct train from Osaka to Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) station.

Which is closer Haneda Airport or Narita Airport?

Narita Airport is located a little further outside Tokyo than Haneda—roughly 50-60 kilometers from the city center—but great transportation links offer easy access into the city.

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