How far is Barcelona airport from camp?

How far is Barcelona airport from camp?

The distance between Barcelona Airport (BCN) and Camp Nou (Accommodation) is 10 km. The road distance is 13.5 km.

How do I get to Camp Nou from the airport?

Metro from Barcelona Airport to Camp Nou From Barcelona Airport you can take the metro called L9 sud on the orange line. You can find the metro stops outside each terminal, T1 and T2. Visit our Barcelona Airport Map to see the location of the airport metro stations.

Which is the main airport in Barcelona?

Aeroport de Barcelona-El Prat
The name of this airport is called Aeroport de Barcelona-El Prat, Aeroport de Barcelona (Catalan) or Aeropuerto de Barcelona (Spanish) and has the initials BCN. It is the main airport for Barcelona.

How do I get to Camp Nou?

Getting to the Camp Nou

  1. More information:
  2. Address: C/Arístides Mallol 12 (main Access 15) and Av.
  3. Car Access: Entrance via access 14 to the Stadium (Carrer Arístides Maillol)
  4. Pedestrian Access: Access 9: Av.
  5. Public Transport / Metro: Line 3: Metro stop Palau Reial or Les Corts.
  6. Call Centre:
  7. Call Centre Schedule:

What is the cheapest month to fly to Barcelona?

High season is considered to be June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Barcelona is February.

How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to the city Centre?

How much does taxi cost from Barcelona airport to city centre? There is no flat fee for this taxi ride so the taxi fare from Barcelona Airport to the city centre can range between €35 and €40.

Is Camp Nou open?

Camp Nou is open all year except January 1, January 6, September 24 and Christmas Day. La Liga or Copa del Rey match day: There are no visits that day. However, the museum, the trophy room, the Messi area and the panoramic view of the stadium are open until 3 hours before the start of the match.

How many seats are in the Camp Nou stadium?

Camp Nou/Capacity
With a capacity of 99,354, it is now the biggest stadium in Europe. However, the total capacity has varied over the years owing to different modifications. When it was first opened in 1957, it held 93,053 spectators, which would be increased to 120,000 in 1982 on occasion of the FIFA World Cup.

Is it rude to speak English in Barcelona?

No, it’s not rude as it is the language of many or a majority of residents and it’s also an official language. It is however polite to try and engage in Catalan to Catalan speakers, as Catalan is Catalonia’s own language.

Which is the closest airport to Camp Nou?

This airport has international and domestic flights from Barcelona, Spain and is 18 km from the center of Camp Nou. Another major airport is Girona-Costa Brava Airport (GRO / LEGE), which has international and domestic flights from Girona, Spain and is 95 km from Camp Nou.

Is there a hotel near Camp Nou in Barcelona?

If you plan on traveling to Barcelona for days, you can book a hotel next to Camp Nou and enjoy the place and the city. Luckily, there are five different metro stops near Camp Nou, with a new one right in front of the FC Barcelona stadium opened in 2016.

Is there a tram from Barcelona to Camp Nou?

The Barcelona tram does not reach the entire city, but it is a comfortable option that allows you to do some sightseeing and is not affected by traffic. It’s an excellent way to get to Camp Nou if you plan the combinations beforehand, but at the end of a match it usually gets very crowded.

Which is the best way to get to Camp Nou?

To get to Camp Nou from the airport, take the new Line 9 – L9 or orange – directly from there and stop either at Camp Nou or at Collblanc. Another option is to go by train from the airport to the city centre and then take the metro. The orang L9 line is currently divided into north and south sections.

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