How far is Club MAC Alcudia from airport?

How far is Club MAC Alcudia from airport?

46 km
The distance between Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) and Club Mac Alcudia, Port d’Alcudia is 46 km.

How much is a taxi from Palma airport to Alcudia?

How much is a taxi from Palma airport (PMI) to Alcudia? The average taxi fare from Palma airport to Alcudia costs €60. The trip takes around 45 minutes, in normal traffic conditions.

What is the transfer time from Palma airport to Alcudia?

45 minutes
A transfer from Majorca Palma Airport to Alcudia takes 45 minutes with a private transfer (these times are approximate and depend on traffic).

What airport do you fly into for Club Mac?

Palma de Majorca Airport
When you visit us at Club MAC, you’ll be flying out from the UK to Palma de Majorca Airport, situated on the west coast of Majorca. This is the only airport in Majorca and the airport code is PMI. Once you arrive here, you’ll need to travel across the island to the North-Eastern edge to Alcudia and Club MAC.

Is Alcudia good for clubbing?

Alcudia is the kind of resort that attracts a family-friendly crowd, so it’s not as popular with the clubbing scene as somewhere like Magaluf. However, there is a good selection of cool bars and clubs that are open into the small hours, as I found out for myself.

Is there a strip in Alcudia?

Not all resorts have a strip. But of those which do, their strips can be long or short. Puerto Alcudia has one. It was once known as Dollar Street (some no doubt continue to refer to in this way).

Are taxis expensive in Mallorca?

How much is the taxi fare in Palma de Majorca? The basic fee is €2.15, the kilometer price is €0.93. For standing and waiting time, €17.70 is charged per hour.

How to transfer from Palma Airport to Club MAC Alcudia?

Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you’ll need to travel across the island to Alcudia, which is based along Majorca’s North-Eastern edge. There are three ways you can transfer from the airport to Club MAC; private transfer, shared transfer and taxi.

How do you get transfer from airport to Club MAC?

When you book a stay a Club MAC, you can request a transfer from the airport to your hotel by clicking the ‘request a transfer’ button at the bottom of our website. This will connect you with our partner, Hoppa, who provide both private and shared transfers from the airport to your Club MAC hotel.

Where do I catch the airport bus to Palma?

In order to catch one of the TIB buses that run across the island, you will need to take the A1 EMT airport bus to the Intermodal Station in Palma city, where the TIB buses depart (please see below). A11 Airport bus Palma – Peguera (via Magaluf) A32 Airport bus Palma – Can Picafort (via Alcudia / Playa de Muro)

Where are the bus and train terminals in Mallorca?

Plaça d’Espanya: This is where the main bus and train terminals are based in Palma city, even the tourist train to Soller is next to this stop. From here travellers can take a bus or train to virtually any resort and town in Mallorca.

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