How long has the war in Afghanistan lasted?

How long has the war in Afghanistan lasted?

America’s longest war draws to a close The War in Afghanistan began in 2001 after the September 11 attacks and has lasted for more than 19 years, making it the longest conflict in which the United States has been involved. 0 years 20 years

Why was there a war in Afghanistan in 2001?

A group called the Taliban had controlled most of the country since 1996 but they were overthrown in November 2001 by British and American armed forces, as well as lots of Afghan fighters from a group called the Northern Alliance. Why was there a war?

When did the Soviet Union go to war with Afghanistan?

Afghanistan had been in a state of almost constant war for 20 years even before the US invaded. In 1979, a year after a coup, the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan to support its communist government. Beside this, what wars has Afghanistan been in? Saur Revolution (1978), Communist insurrection. Soviet–Afghan War (1979–1989), Soviet involvement.

How many US troops are still in Afghanistan?

The US invaded Afghanistan weeks after the September 2001 attacks in New York by the Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group. More than 2,400 US troops have been killed during the conflict. About 12,000 are still stationed in the country.

After 20 years of war, foreign forces are pulling out of Afghanistan following a deal between the US and the Taliban militants they removed from power back in 2001. The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions.

Did America lose the Afghan war?

Afghan government forces, armed and equipped with U.S. supplies – at least for the moment – will continue to fight the Taliban. But for much of the country’s history, Americans won their wars decisively, with the complete surrender of enemy forces and the home front’s perception of total victory.

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