How many airports are there in Bodrum Turkey?

How many airports are there in Bodrum Turkey?

Milas–Bodrum Airport (IATA: BJV, ICAO: LTFE) is an international airport that serves the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Milas. The airport is situated 36 km northeast of the town of Bodrum, and 16 km south of Milas….Airlines and destinations.

Airlines Destinations
TAROM Seasonal charter: Bucharest

What is the nearest airport to Marmaris Turkey?

Dalaman Airport
Nearest Airports to Marmaris

Distance from Marmaris Driving time (approx)
Dalaman Airport 59miles 1Hr 25Mins
Bodrum Airport 80 miles 1Hr 45Mins

What is the main international airport in Turkey?

Istanbul Airport
Istanbul Airport (IATA: IST, ICAO: LTFM) (Turkish: İstanbul Havalimanı) is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey.

Which airport do you fly into for Bodrum Turkey?

Milas–Bodrum Airport
Bodrum is served by Milas–Bodrum Airport, also commonly referred to as Milas, Milas-Bodrum, Milas–Bodrum, or simply Bodrum Airport. The airport code is BJV.

What airport do you fly to for Bodrum?

Milas-Bodrum Airport
Shop around and compare prices for best deals… Bodrum flights take around four hours from the UK and Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV) is a gateway to this coastal area in south west Turkey. The cheapest prices on flights to Bodrum can be found in the spring and autumn months.

How far is Marmaris from airport?

about 96 km.
The Airport is located about 96 km. to Marmaris.

What is the new Istanbul airport called?

The brand new Istanbul Airport (IST, IGA) is the main airport of the city. Located on the European side of Istanbul, in the Arnavutköy area, Istanbul Airport has undertaken all the passenger flights from Ataturk Airport which now provides only cargo and general aviation services.

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