How many geographic regions does WV have?

How many geographic regions does WV have?

four geographical regions
Generally, it is divided into four geographical regions: Ohio River Valley, Allegheny Plateau, Allegheny Highlands, and Potomac Section.

What are the different regions of West Virginia?

West Virginia Regions

  • Allegheny Highlands Region.
  • Bluestone Region.
  • Eastern Panhandle Region.
  • Greenbrier Valley Region.
  • Hatfield & McCoy Region.
  • Heartland Region.
  • Metro Valley Region.
  • Mid-Ohio Valley Region.

What is the most populated tourist region in West Virginia?

Charleston — the state capital and cultural center. Harpers Ferry — a major Civil War site and West Virginia’s most popular tourist destination. Berkeley Springs – town known for it’s large artist community and for the natural spring.

What are the 9 tourist regions of West Virginia?

As part of that promotional effort, tourism officials have divided the state into nine regions. They are Mid-Ohio Valley, Northern Panhandle, Mountaineer Country, Eastern Panhandle, Potomac Highlands, New River-Greenbrier Valley, Hatfield-McCoy Mountains, Mountain Lakes, and Metro Valley.

What kind of land does West Virginia have?

The state’s nickname is the Mountain State, and West Virginia features some of the most rugged land in the United States. All of West Virginia is a part of the Appalachian Mountain system. It is commonly subdivided into two major physiographic regions: Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Valley Province.

What is the population of the state of West Virginia?

Between 2017 and 2018 the population of West Virginia declined from 1.82M to 1.81M, a -0.552% decrease and its median household income grew from $43,469 to $44,097, a 1.44% increase. The population of West Virginia is 92% White Alone, 3.77% Black or African American Alone, and 1.76% Two or More Races.

Where is the Appalachian Plateau in West Virginia?

The Appalachian Plateau Province covers the western two-thirds of the state and coincides with the Ohio River drainage basin. It is a region severely dissected by streams into a maze of hills and valleys, and, in places, the original plateau surface shows as the uniform top levels of the remaining ranges.

How tall are the mountains in West Virginia?

Along the western edge of the mountains is the Allegheny Front, the place where the more sharp, rugged mountains of the east meet the more rolling terrain of the Appalachian Plateau. Many of the peaks in this area of West Virginia rise to over 4,000 feet above sea level.

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