How many international airports are there in Tamil Nadu?

How many international airports are there in Tamil Nadu?

four international airports
There are four international airports in Tamilnadu.

How many airports are in Chennai?

These include 6 international airports, 15 domestic airports, and 3 customs airports. Chennai airport is the centre of the southern flight information region (FIR), one of the four FIRs that the Indian air space is divided into.

Which is the first airport in Tamilnadu?

Chennai International Airport
Which airport is the first one in Tamil Nadu? Chennai International Airport is the first airport established in Tamil Nadu. The airport is sprawling across a land area of 1323 acres and houses three terminals. In the fiscal year 2018-19, the airport handled over 22.5 million passengers with over 570 air flights.

Which is the Best International Airport in Tamil Nadu?

There are 4 International airports in Tamilnadu.they are: 1.Chennai international airport. 2.Coimbatore international airport. 3.Madurai international airport. 4.Trichy(Tiruchirapalli) international airport.

Are there any other airports in Chennai Besides Tambaram?

There are two other active airports, one in Tambaram used by Air Force and the other one in Arakkonam used by Navy as Naval Air Station. These Though it is common knowledge that Chennai has only one airport in Meenambakkam for air travellers, technically there are two airports, one is Kamaraj Domestic and the other one is Anna International.

Which is the only international airport in India?

SXR The airport is classified as an international airport, but handles only domestic flights as of 2018, apart from special flights to the Hajj pilgrimage. BHO The airport is designated as international but operates flights to Jeddah during Hajj; no other international flights are operated.

Which is the best mode of travel in Tamil Nadu?

Air travel has undoubtedly become the preferred mode of travel ever since privatization took place and private budget airlines came into the foray. The total number of airports in Tamil Nadu is seven among which four are international airports in Tamil Nadu and t hree are domestic airports in Tamil Nadu. 1. Chennai International Airport

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