How many major airports are in Russia?

How many major airports are in Russia?

Russia is a transcontinental country with more than 200 airports. If flying to Russia, it is good to know that a lot of them offer both domestic and international flights. The largest and busiest airports serve the capital city Moscow – Sheremetyevo Airport, Domodedovo Airport and Vnukovo Airport.

Which airport is closest to Moscow city Centre?

Sheremetyevo Linate is the closest airport to the city centre but deciding which airport is the best between these three airports depends solely on you. All three airports are served by the fast AeroExpress trains direct from the airport to the city centre in Moscow.

What is the biggest airport in Russia?

Sheremetyevo International Airport
Russia’s busiest airports by passenger traffic in 2019 (provisional)

Rank Airport Passengers 2019
1 Sheremetyevo International Airport 49,438,545
2 Domodedovo International Airport 28,252,337
3 Vnukovo International Airport 24,001,521
4 Pulkovo Airport 19,581,262

What are the names of the airports in Moscow Russia?

Moscow has the status of a Russian federal city. The name of the city is derived from the name of the Moskva River.There are five primary commercial airports serving Moscow: Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), Domodedovo International Airport (DME), Vnukovo International Airport (VKO), Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA),…

Where can I find cheap flights to Moscow?

Use the links below to read detailed information about Moscow airport: location, route maps, live departures and arrivals etc. Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Moscow airports without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip to Moscow airports.

How many airports are there in the Russian Federation?

This is a list of airports in Russia (Russian Federation), sorted by location. As of September 2018 , Russia had 227 operational airports registered by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Where are all the railway stations in Moscow?

All the three railway stations are located in the central part of the city. The following Moscow airports map shows the location of Moscow airports and Aeroexpress routes from each airport. Moscow metro is open from 5:30 AM till 1:00 AM.

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