How much cheese is produced in Wisconsin?

How much cheese is produced in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Leads the Nation In: Total U.S. Cheese Production: 2 Billion Pounds. Wisconsin is the first in the production of many popular cheese varieties.

What cheese does Wisconsin make the most of?

A: Mozzarella production beat out all other types of cheese produced in Wisconsin in 2016 by a long shot, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. America’s Dairyland produces more than 3 billion pounds of cheese each year, and nearly a third of that is mozzarella.

What state is the largest producer of cheese?

The top cheese producing U.S. states are Wisconsin and California. Wisconsin’s nickname as “America’s Dairyland” punctuates the state’s leading position within the U.S. dairy industry. More than two and a half billion pounds of cheese are produced in Wisconsin. California is the second largest producer.

Who is the largest cheese manufacturer in US?

Glanbia has opened one of the largest cheese plants in the world in a remote corner of New Mexico, making the company the biggest producer of cheddar cheese in the United States.

Why is Wisconsin so good at making cheese?

Most of the earliest commercial dairy operations in Wisconsin made cheese because it kept longer than milk or butter at a time when storage and transportation was limited.

What’s the cheese capital of the United States?

Plymouth, Wisconsin
Plymouth, Wisconsin, styles itself as “the cheese capital of the world”. The town of 8,445 people, about an hour north of Milwaukee, was once the site of the National Cheese Exchange where cheese commodity prices were set and today about 15% of all US cheese passes through the town.

How much cheese does the state of Wisconsin produce?

In 2010, Wisconsin’s cheese production rose to 2.6 billion pounds (requiring the state cheese industry to import a substantial amount of milk from other states to meet production needs). In 2014, Wisconsin produced 2.9 billion pounds of cheese, accounting for 25.4% of all cheese produced in the U.S.

Which is the only state to require a cheesemaker?

Wisconsin is the only U.S. state that requires that a licensed cheesemaker supervise the making of commercial cheese. It is also the only state to offer a master cheesemaker program, which is patterned on the rigorous standards of similar programs in Europe. ^ “History of Cheese in Wisconsin”. Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Retrieved 2014-08-02.

Where does Cheese come from in the United States?

Wisconsin, New York and California are the three states on the forefront of major cheese producing states. As we know it takes roughly 10 lbs of milk to make one pound of cheese, (this is very rough estimates).

What foods are grown and processed in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics. ​Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland but there is more produced and processed in our state than just milk and cheese. Wisconsin ranks first in the nation for: snap beans for processing, cheese, cranberries, ginseng, mink pelts, dry whey for humans, milk goats and corn for silage.

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