On what island do you find the capital Hawaii?

On what island do you find the capital Hawaii?

Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands in the central Pacific Ocean. The islands lie 2,397 miles (3,857 km) from San Francisco, California, to the east and 5,293 miles (8,516 km) from Manila, in the Philippines, to the west. The capital is Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu.

What is the capital of the state that has a border with California and Nevada and coastline on the Pacific?

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Question Answer
Locate and name a large lake in Eastern Africa. Lake Victoria
What is the capital of the state that has a border with California and Nevada and a coastline on the Pacific? Salem, Oregon
What large country borders France directly to the south? Spain
Whose capital city is Boise? Idaho

Which US state does the Arctic Circle pass through?

Alaska is the only U.S. state with access to the Arctic Circle, and Fairbanks, Alaska, is the closest major city (it’s about 198 miles (158 km) away).

Is the capital of Minnesota located to the east or west of the Mississippi River?

Most of the city lies east of the Mississippi River at the confluence with the Minnesota River. Minneapolis, the state’s largest city, is across the river to the west. Together they are known as the “Twin Cities”.

What is Hawaii’s nickname?

The Aloha StateThe Islands of Aloha

How old is Carole Kai?

76 years (October 28, 1944)
Carole Kai/Age

Carole Kai was born on October 28, 1944 in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, USA as Carole Shimizu. …

Is California state or country?

the United States of America
California, constituent state of the United States of America. It was admitted as the 31st state of the union on September 9, 1850, and by the early 1960s it was the most populous U.S. state.

Is California in the north or south?

California is one of three states along the West Coast. Situated directly beneath Oregon, California stretches along the coastline from north to south for 900 miles….Population of California.

State Name California
Area 423,967 km²
Area Ranking 3
Capital Sacramento
Statehood Year 1850

How many countries does the true Arctic Circle pass through?

8 countries
The Arctic Circle passes through Northern America, Greenland, North Asia, the Scandinavian Peninsula, and the Arctic Ocean. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States (Alaska), Canada, Denmark (Greenland), and Iceland are the 8 countries containing land in the Arctic Circle.

Which state capital has a twin city on the other side of the Mississippi River?

Minnesota’s capital and Minneapolis, the largest city in the state, are known as the “Twin Cities”, maybe because the original Twin Cities, Minneapolis on one bank of the Mississippi River, and Saint Anthony on the other side, have merged long time ago to form Minneapolis.

How old is St Paul MN?

About 167 years
Saint Paul/Age
In 1854, Saint Paul incorporated as a city and in 1858, Minnesota was admitted to the union with Saint Paul becoming the capital of the 32nd state. Natural geography played a role in the settlement and development of Saint Paul as a trade and transportation center.

Where is the best place to cross the Atlantic Ocean?

Explain that this is a popular destination for planes and boats traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. Encourage students to use a ruler and the scale bar on the map to measure the distance between Amsterdam and New York City.

How did people cross the Atlantic Ocean in the past?

Discuss the differences between ocean crossings hundreds of years ago and today. Explain to students that hundreds of years ago people often crossed the Atlantic Ocean to explore new places and move from one place to another. They traveled on sailing ships.

Can a yacht cross the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?

Both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans can be crossed in a yacht. You can cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in a sailing yacht or a motor yacht.

Are there new oceans forming in East Africa?

The magmatism at Erta Ale might be offering signs of this switch by mimicking the characteristics of a mid-ocean ridge. The East African Rift valley, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden are clearly visible in this Landsat 8 image, taken on 8 November 2019.

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