What airport do you fly into for Palm Beach Florida?

What airport do you fly into for Palm Beach Florida?

The Palm Beaches are served not only by PBI, but two other major South Florida airports: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA).

Which airport is bigger Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach?

Re: Which airport is best: Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach? FLL is bigger so you’ll probably be able to get much better rates. As far as easier goes, not sure, but typically the smaller the better.

Is it cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale or Miami?

It may be cheaper to fly into Fort Lauderdale (FLL), but it should be noted that it can cost quite a bit more and take much longer to travel between the airport and Miami Beach. There is a free shuttle from the terminals to the Tri-Rail station and a one-way ticket to Miami costs $3.75 per person.

Is Palm Beach Florida Expensive?

Located in South Florida, Palm Beach is the most expensive place to live in the entire state. Palm Beach is known for its upscale estates and boutiques, as well as its world-famous beaches.

Is it better to fly into West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale?

West Palm Beach is the least congested, much smaller and much more manageable than Ft. Lauderdale or MIA, but it has fewer flights and destination options. Long term budget parking at Fort Lauderdale is a PAIN, but sometimes the cheaper fares from the larger airport are worth it! We always try for FLL when we fly.

Is Palm Beach a rich area?

Palm Beach homes: Palm Beach is ranked 18th on Bloomberg’s latest list of the richest places in the country, based on U.S. Census data for average household income. Instead the town is ranked No. 18, with an average household income of $314,090.

What is the richest town in Florida?

Pinecrest – median income: $130,900 Pinecrest is the wealthiest city in Florida. Residents average an income of $30,900. Homes cost an average of $1 million.

Is Fort Lauderdale or Miami airport better?

MIA also has the most international connections to other parts of the world, whereas Fort Lauderdale Airport concentrates more on domestic flights and is home to low-cost carrier Spirit. It is also the airport of choice if your final destination is north of Miami.

Is it better to fly to Fort Lauderdale or Miami?

Miami International Airport is the biggest hub in the region with the most international connections. Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International and Palm Beach International are solid choices if your final destination is north of Miami city limits. Plus, they’re usually more manageable if crowds stress you out.

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