What are the 10 most populated African countries?

What are the 10 most populated African countries?

We’ve put together a brief overview of the ten most populous countries in Africa according to data from the World Bank.

  • Nigeria – 200,963,600.
  • Ethiopia – 112,078,730.
  • Egypt – 100,388,070.
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo – 86,790,570.
  • South Africa – 58,558,270.
  • Tanzania – 58,005,460.
  • Kenya – 52,573,970.
  • Uganda – 44,269,590.

What are the 5 most populous nations in Africa?

Nigeria is by far the largest country in terms of population, with over 200 million people as of 2020. Ethiopia follows with almost 115 million, while Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya all have populations over 50 million.

Which is the most populated country in Africa?

This is a list of African countries and dependent territories sorted by population, which is sorted by the 2015 mid-year normalized demographic projections. African countries by population, 2018. African population by country (top 9). Nigeria (15.38%) Ethiopia (8.37%)

Which is the fifth largest country in Africa?

It is the twenty-fifth-largest country in the world by land area. This West African landlocked nation has a population of around 14.5 million. Its borders on the north reach deep into the middle of the Sahara. Majority of the inhabitants live in the southern part of the nation, which features Niger and Senegal rivers.

How big is the population of South Africa?

South Africa has a population of 57 million people and is the fifth largest country by population. The population increases by about 700,000 people every year which represents 1.6 percent annual change. The total population of South Africa constitutes 4.77% of the African population.

Which is the largest country in the Horn of Africa?

Sudan was, with an area of 2,505,813km², formerly the largest country in Africa, until South Sudan formally split from it in 2011 10) Ethiopia (1,104,300 square kilometers) Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa. Around 87.9 million people live in Ethiopia.

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