What are the 3 busiest airports in the US?

What are the 3 busiest airports in the US?


Rank (2020) Airports (large hubs) 2016
1 Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport 50,501,858
2 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 31,283,579
3 Denver International Airport 28,267,394
4 O’Hare International Airport 37,589,899

What is the busiest airport for flights?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlantic International Airport
Hartsfield Jackson Facts: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlantic International Airport has been the busiest passenger airport in the world since 1998.

What is the largest airport in the US 2020?

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport (DIA) is the largest airport in the US, spanning 135.69km².

How are the busiest airports in the world measured?

The world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic are measured by total passengers (data from Airports Council International), defined as passengers enplaned plus passengers deplaned plus direct-transit passengers.

Which is the third busiest airport in the United States?

Denver International Airport, located near Downtown Denver, Colorado, is currently the third busiest airport in the United States. It is the second-largest airport in the world (after King Fahd Airport in Saudi Arabia) and the largest in the United States. The airport has six runways serving a single terminal with three concourses.

Which is the largest airline in the United States?

The main airlines here are American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest. One of United Airlines’ largest hubs is George Bush Intercontinental Airport, but it is far from the only carrier that services this busy Texan airport. Alaska, American, and Delta airlines also service the airport.

Which is the second busiest airport in the world?

Heathrow Airport London Heathrow is Europe’s busiest airport by overall passenger traffic and second busiest in the world by total international passenger traffic. Heathrow is one of the six international airports located in the Greater London region.

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