What are the top 5 countries in Africa?

What are the top 5 countries in Africa?

The population of Niger is approximately 15.73 million.

  • 5) Chad (1,284,000 square kilometers)
  • 4) Libya (1,759,540 square kilometers)
  • 3) Sudan (1,861,484 square kilometers)
  • 2) Democratic Republic of the Congo (2,344,858 square kilometers)
  • 1) Algeria (2,381,741 square kilometers)

    What are the top 10 largest countries in Africa?

    Here is a list of the top ten largest countries in square miles:

    • Algeria (919,352 square miles)
    • Democratic Republic of Congo (905,115 square miles)
    • Sudan (728,022 square miles)
    • Libya (679,192 square miles)
    • Chad (495,624 square miles)
    • Niger (489,062 square miles)
    • Angola (481,226 square miles)
    • Mali (478,714 square miles)

    What are the 2 smallest countries in Africa?

    Which Are The 10 Smallest Countries Of Africa By Size?

    Rank Country Area
    1 Seychelles 451 km2
    2 São Tomé and Príncipe 964 km2
    3 Mauritius 2,040 km2
    4 Comoros 2,235 km2

    What are the names of the countries in Africa?

    It is worthy of note that Spain has 3 territories in Africa – Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands. France has 2 territories in Africa – the islands of Mayotte and Réunion. Portugal has 1 territory in Africa – the Madeira Islands.

    Which is the largest country in Africa by area?

    Among the African countries, the biggest one is Algeria, occupying around 7% of the continent’s territory.

    Which is the first country in Africa in alphabetical order?

    The always up-to-date list of countries of Africa in alphabetical order. A. Algeria. Angola. B. Benin. Botswana. Burkina Faso.

    How many countries are there in Middle Africa?

    Countries Of Africa Rank Country Region Population 8 Cape Verde Western Africa 549,930 9 Central African Republic Middle Africa 4,745,190 10 Chad Middle Africa 15,946,880 11 Comoros Eastern Africa 850,890

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