What are the top five largest counties in Florida?

What are the top five largest counties in Florida?

Florida’s counties range in population from Miami-Dade (2,700,794) to Lafayette (8,621) (Table 2). The top five counties adding the most population since April 1, 2010 were: Miami-Dade (204,337), Orange (134,431), Hillsborough (123,571), Broward (106,447), and Palm Beach (71,607).

What is the largest county in Florida by size?

Palm Beach County
The largest county is Palm Beach County (2,034 sq mi, 5,268 km2) and the smallest is Union County (240 sq mi, 622 km2)….List of counties in Florida.

Counties of Florida
Populations 8,314 (Liberty) – 2,662,874 (Miami-Dade)
Areas 240 square miles (620 km2) (Union) – 2,034 square miles (5,270 km2) (Palm Beach)

What is the fifth largest county in Florida?

Orange County’s
Orange County’s population fifth largest in Florida. Orange County, Fla.’s population ranked fifth in the Sunshine State and No. 33 in the nation, according to an On Numbers analysis. The county has an estimated population of 1.19 million as of April 1, 2012, up from the 1.15 million people in 2010.

Which is the largest county in Florida by population?

Counties in Florida Click County Name for detailed Statistic Population Baker County 27,115 Bay County 168,852 Bradford County 28,520 Brevard County 543,376

What are the names of the counties in Florida?

Counties County FIPS code County seat Est. Area Alachua County 001 Gainesville 1824 874 sq mi ( 2,264 km 2) Baker County 003 Macclenny 1861 585 sq mi ( 1,515 km 2) Bay County 005 Panama City 1913 764 sq mi ( 1,979 km 2) Bradford County 007 Starke 1858 293 sq mi ( 759 km 2)

Which is the best county in South Florida?

1 Alachua County. 2 Baker County. 3 Bay County. 4 Bradford County. 5 Brevard County. 6 Broward County. 7 Calhoun County. 8 Charlotte County. 9 Citrus County. 10 Clay County.

Where are the county seats located in Florida?

All but two of Florida’s county seats are incorporated municipalities. The exceptions are Crawfordville, county seat of rural Wakulla County, and East Naples, located outside Naples city limits in Collier County.

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