What area code is 01633?

What area code is 01633?

city of Newport
The 01633 telephone area code covers the city of Newport and surrounding areas in the United Kingdom.

What area code is 0663?

‘663’ STD code belongs to ‘SAMBALPUR’


Who called 01633928051?

⚠️ According to our users’ reports, there is a high probability that the telephone number 01633928051 that called you is a broadband phone spam! There are no main keywords in the report that helps us to understand the risks associated with this number or the caller’s profile.

Who called me 01633456080?

This is the Office of National Statistics. It’s a legit call. The reason you may receive this call is if you are a business who is required (by law) to fill out their surveys, and they occasionally call to question what you’ve put on your form.

Where is the Dialling code 01663 for?

01663 Area Code (Dialling Code) ? 01663 is the area code for New Mills and the surrounding area.

Where is New Mills in Cheshire United Kingdom?

New Mills is approximately 182 miles (293 km) NNW of London and 8 miles (13 km) south-east of Stockport. It borders on Disley, in Cheshire, and Marple, in the Stockport Metropolitan Borough in Greater Manchester.

How big is an area code in the UK?

Fixed phone numbers in United Kingdom are comprised of a single country code (+44), a 2-6 digit area code, and a 10-80 digit line code. Making a call with the wrong country, area, or region code can be costly.

How many people live in the village of New Mills?

New Mills has a population of approximately 12,000, in a civil parish which includes the villages and hamlets of Whitle, Thornsett, Hague Bar, Rowarth, Brookbottom, Gowhole and most of Birch Vale . New Mills was first noted for coal mining, then for cotton spinning, bleaching and calico printing.

When did New Mills Urban District Council end?

The New Mills Urban District Council operated from 1894 until 1974, when it was abolished. The town now has a town council, and is part of High Peak Council, and Derbyshire County Council. On the County Council, New Mills is in the New Mills division along with Hayfield and Sett.

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