What city is 604 area code?

What city is 604 area code?

Port MoodyMaple RidgeSquamish
Area code 604/Cities

Is Canada a code?

Canada/Dialing codes

Is area code 236 long distance?

Unlike 604, which is just for the Vancouver area, 236 is an “overlay” area code, which means it can be given to any customer in the province. The area code 778 is also an overlay number. Local calling areas have not changed, and long distance charges are based on geography, not area code.

Is the area code 604 in Washington State?

Until 1988, area code 604 also included Point Roberts, Washington, a pene-enclave of the United States; Point Roberts was transferred in 1988 to area code 206 and is now served by area code 360 . Despite British Columbia’s growth in the second half of the 20th century, 604 remained the province’s sole area code for nearly 50 years.

When was area code 604 cut back to 250?

The number shortage was particularly severe in the Lower Mainland, which was home to most of the province’s landlines, as well as most of its other telecommunications devices requiring phone numbers. In 1997, 604 was cut back to the Lower Mainland, with the new area code 250 created for the remainder of the province.

When did area code 604 become 778 in Canada?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced on June 7, 2007, that 778 would become an overlay for the entire province on July 4, 2007, after the same number allocation problem that previously afflicted 604 brought 250 close to exhaustion.

Who is the local exchange carrier for 604 and 778?

The incumbent local exchange carrier in 604 and 778 is Telus. Through “number portability” and sub-allocation of all numbers in some exchanges to a competitor, many numbers in the 778 area code are now serviced by Shaw Cablesystems. On June 1, 2013, area code 236 was implemented as a distributed overlay of area codes 604, 250, and 778.

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