What countries does easyJet fly to?

What countries does easyJet fly to?

Aarhus AAR, Denmark.

  • Aberdeen ABZ, United Kingdom.
  • Agadir AGA, Morocco.
  • Ajaccio (Corsica) AJA, France.
  • Alghero (Sardinia) AHO, Italy.
  • Alicante ALC, Spain.
  • Almeria LEI, Spain.
  • Amsterdam AMS, Netherlands.
  • How many countries does easyJet operate in?

    35 countries
    easyJet is the seventh1 largest airline in the world, with 342 aircraft and 48 million customers across 35 countries and 154 airports.

    Where does easyJet fly to the most?

    Most Popular easyJet Destinations: Cities London, Paris, and Milan are the most popular easyJet cities. Each of the top 3 city destinations for the air carrier has more than one airport, and some of these cities are also easyJet bases.

    What is worldwide by easyJet?

    Worldwide by easyJet means you can book flights to far away destinations like New York and Singapore directly with us! We can connect you around the world and across Europe in one handy place with a quick and easy transfer through our self-connection hubs.

    Where do EasyJet fly to from Malaga?

    Easyjet Destinations: EasyJet flies direct from Malaga to Belfast–International, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, London–Gatwick, London–Luton, London–Southend, London–Stansted, Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Is easyJet a safe airline?

    easyJet, a relatively young airline, gets 14th place among the world’s safest airlines. During their 25-year history, easyJet did register any hull losses. With 51 incidents, easyJet achieved a risk index of 91.7%.

    What is the longest easyJet flight?

    Easyjet’s longest route is Manchester (MAN) – Hurghada (HRG) in Egypt which is 2,578 miles and has a scheduled flying time of 5 hours 30 minutes.

    Does easyJet only fly in Europe?

    It operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 1,000 routes in more than 30 countries via its affiliate airlines EasyJet UK, EasyJet Switzerland, and EasyJet Europe. It employs circa 14,000 people, based throughout Europe but mainly in the UK.

    Does easyJet fly to the US?

    “Around 70 million passengers flying through an easyJet airport each year are connecting on to other flights, mainly long haul, and it is this market segment that Worldwide by EasyJet will open up for us,” said the company’s CEO Carolyn McCall. …

    How many international destinations does easyJet fly to?

    easyJet serves 16 domestic destinations and 134 international destinations in 37 countries, as of May 2021. List of easyJet destinations The following is an overview of all easyJet flights and destinations:

    How many pilots and cabin crew does EasyJet have?

    We employ over 12 ,000 people including 3,300 pilots and 7 ,500+ cabin crew. Last year we flew over 90 million passengers.

    Which is the newest aircraft in easyJet’s fleet?

    And our latest addition is the A321neo aircraft, with 235 seats on board. These new aircraft will help us achieve our carbon reduction target by reducing the amount of fuel used to carry each passenger.

    When do the new easyJet Holidays start in the UK?

    Following announcements from the UK government, we have cancelled all easyJet holidays with departure dates up to and including 16 May 2021. Currently, the government has said that the planned restart date for international travel is still due to be 17 May and that’s the date we’re planning to start taking people away again.

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