What country has two ocean coasts?

What country has two ocean coasts?


Continent Country Oceans
North America Nicaragua 2
North America Costa Rica 2
North America & South America Panama 2
South America Colombia 2

Which African country has sea coasts on both the Atlantic and Indian oceans?

The Republic of South Africa
The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. The South African coast stretches 2,798 kilometres and borders both the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Which island nation borders two or more oceans?

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Which country has coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts?

Mexico. Mexico also has coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Located in the southern part of North America, its coastline along the Pacific Ocean is situated on the country’s western edge, and its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean borders the eastern edge.

What is the world’s warmest ocean?

the Pacific Ocean
The waters of the Pacific Ocean comprise the world’s largest heat reservoir, by far, and it is the warmest ocean, overall, of the world’s five oceans. (The other oceans are the Arctic, Antarctic and Indian Oceans.)

Which country is surrounded by 3 oceans?

It is no surprise that Russia borders three oceans since it is the world’s largest country.

Where do the two oceans meet in South Africa?

Cape Point: Where South Africa’s two oceans meet. South Africa’s Cape coast attracts thousands of local and international tourists each year to witness the Indian and Atlantic oceans splashing together – or so they believe.

Are there any countries bordering on two oceans?

Continent Country Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Africa South Africa South Atlantic Indian Ocean Africa & Asia Egypt Mediterranean Sea Red Sea Asia Israel Mediterranean Sea Red Sea Asia Philippines Western Pacific Ocean

Which is the only country that has coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?

These countries are South Africa, Egypt, and Israel. Officially known as the Republic of South Africa (RSA), South Africa is a country that is located in the southernmost region of the African continent. The coastline of the nation, which includes both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, has a length of about 1,739 miles.

Where does the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet?

Cape Point, South Africa, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. Oceans take up around 71% of the Earth. In total, there are five major oceans of the world: the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean.

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