What country start with the letter J?

What country start with the letter J?


  • Jamaica.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.

    What things are associated with Africa?

    Africa is known for Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, Nile river, and game reserves such as the Maasai Mara and Serengeti. Africa is also famous for its diverse ethnic groups, Egyptian Pyramids, the Sahara Desert, Mining, and for being the second driest, and the poorest continent in the world.

    What city starts with the letter J?

    United States Cities Starting with J

    City 2021 Population State
    Jackson 32,188 Michigan
    Juneau 31,848 Alaska
    Jamestown 28,678 New York
    Jacksonville 28,173 Arkansas

    What states start with the letter J?

    If you’re like me, you guessed J. And you’d be close — the letter J actually appears in one state name: New Jersey.

    What drink starts with the letter J?


    • Jack and Coke.
    • Jack Rose.
    • Jägerbomb.
    • Jagertee.
    • Japanese Slipper.
    • Jazmin Sour.
    • John Collins. IBA.
    • Juan Collins.

    What are some things that start with J?

    Here are some neat things that start with j – jar, jack, jack-lantern, jeans, jelly beans, and jellyfish. These are all pictured on this worksheet representing the letter j. See if your kids can tell you what the pictures are before reading the page to them.

    What kind of animal starts with the letter J?

    African animal beginning with J Jackal. These far away relatives of the wolves are crepuscular, being most active at dawn and dusk. They are scavengers and hunters of small animals. In oriental mythology jackals are clever sorcerers, while in Egyptian religion they are Gods of the afterlife.

    What are some plastic objects that start with J?

    Plastic objects that start with J. Jorum: a large drinking bowl. – The kids used plastic jorums to prevent they to break them. Juicer: a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit. – The old juicer was manual and made of cheap plastic.

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