What did the Irish people do for Canada?

What did the Irish people do for Canada?

Irish immigrants also helped to build the Lachine Canal and St. Patrick’s Basilica in Montreal, as well as the colourful heritage buildings of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The folk music of Canada owes a great debt to musicians of Irish descent, particularly in Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

What jobs did the Irish immigrants have in Canada?

Irish immigrants often entered the workforce at the bottom of the occupational ladder and took on the menial and dangerous jobs that were often avoided by other workers. Many Irish American women became servants or domestic workers, while many Irish American men labored in coal mines and built railroads and canals.

Why did the Irish come to Canada for kids?

In the 1840s, Irish peasants came to Canada in vast numbers to escape a famine that swept Ireland. Year after year, the potato crop failed in Ireland. Unable to pay the rent, families were evicted from their homes by ruthless landlords.

Why did the Irish and Scottish immigrate to Canada?

Irish Immigration. Pre-Confederation British North America became home to thousands of people fleeing poverty or oppression in their homelands with hopes to build a better life. In the 1840s, Irish peasants came to Canada in vast numbers to escape a famine that swept Ireland.

Why did the Irish leave Ireland for Canada?

The famine, caused by a blighted potato crop (Ireland’s main food source at the time), lasted from 1846 to 1852 and devastated the country and her people. Millions fled the Emerald Isle as mass graves, overrun poorhouses and destitution dominated the landscape and many turned to Canada for their escape.

When did the first Irish immigrants come to Canada?

Irish-Canadian immigration history: the early years. Canadian immigration history dates back to the 17th century when the land was colonised first by the French in Quebec and then by the British in Newfoundland.

Where did the Irish come from in Nova Scotia?

Presented by the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, established 1786, dedicated March 17, 2000. There were two Nova Scotia Irish groups, and they could not have been more different. In the first group were Catholics from south-eastern Ireland who mainly originated from counties Wexford, Carlow, Waterford, Kilkenny and Tipperary.

How many people in Canada have Irish heritage?

This constant growth, combined with the legacies of previous centuries, means that up to 13% of Canadians now claim some form of Irish history and heritage within their family tree. Every country, especially those in the new world, have been impacted by their immigrant populations and Canada is no different.

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