What is Sierra Leone surrounded by?

What is Sierra Leone surrounded by?

Relief. Sierra Leone is bordered on the north and east by Guinea, on the south by Liberia, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the main rivers in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is well supplied with small rivers which drain the northern highlands and discharge into the Atlantic. Principal among these are the Sewa River (340 km approx.), Jong River (230 km), Little Scarcies River (260 km), Rokel River (260 km) and Moa River (190 km).

How many rivers are in Sierra Leone?

There are 12 River Basins and Water Resources Areas in Sierra Leone. River Basin areas have recently been redrawn and recalculated using HydroSHEDS software. Three of the River Basins (Great Scarcies, Little Scarcies and Moa) originate in Guinea, while the Mano River Basin originates in Liberia.

Which river form the boundary between Sierra Leone and Guinea?

Makonnen River
The Makonnen River separates Sierra Leone and Guinea, but the colonial protocol gives the entire river to Guinea. A comparison of maps showed that that Sierra Leonean maps claimed Yenga for Sierra Leone, while the Guinean maps indicated it was part of Guinea.

How many mountains are in Sierra Leone?

There are 566 named mountains in Sierra Leone. The highest and the most prominent mountain is Loma Mansa.

What are the importance of rivers in Sierra Leone?

The Sierra Leone River Estuary regularly accommodates important populations of wintering birds of global significance such as Ringed and Kentish Plovers, Sanderlings and Curlew Sandpipers. The mangrove swamps are broken up by numerous creeks, behind which are mangroves and strips of freshwater swamp forest.

What are the types of rivers in Sierra Leone?

List of rivers of Sierra Leone

  • Great Scarcies River (Kolenté River)
  • Little Scarcies River (Kaba River) Mabole River. Mongo River.
  • Sierra Leone River. Rokel River (Seli River) Bankasoka River (called Port Loko Creek in the tidal part)
  • Ribi River.
  • Bumpe River.
  • Kagboro Creek.
  • Sherbro River. Bagru River.
  • Kittam River. Sewa River.

What is unique about Sierra Leone?

Due to factors such as its tropical climate and diverse habitats, Sierra Leone is well known as a country rich in wildlife. It is home to four wildlife reserve. Among the many types of animals who live in this African nation include elephants, hippos, lions, chimpanzees, buffaloes, and a wide variety of birds.

What are the major rivers in Sierra Leone?

Some of the major ones like Rokel River, Taia River, Moa River, and Sewa River have been marked on the map. The country also has several islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Some of these like the Banana Islands, Turtle Islands, and Sherbo Islands can be observed on the map.

How much water does Sierra Leone get a day?

It supplies 83 million liters a day entering the city from the West where the more affluent areas are located. A new dam, the Orugu dam, would provide an additional 75 million liters per day in its initial phase, entering the city from the East where the poorest areas are located.

Where is Sierra Leone located in the world?

Sierra Leone is a West African country. It lies in the Northern and Western Hemispheres of the Earth. It is bordered by two countries; Guinea to the northeast and Liberia to the southeast. The South Atlantic Ocean borders it to the southwest.

What are the names of the islands in Sierra Leone?

The country also has several islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Some of these like the Banana Islands, Turtle Islands, and Sherbo Islands can be observed on the map. Sierra Leone is divided into four provinces and one area. The provinces are Eastern, Northern, North Western, and Southern.

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