What is Sitapur area code?

What is Sitapur area code?

Sitapur Std Code Number, Uttar Pradesh

Location STD Code State
Sitapur 05862 Uttar Pradesh

In which zone is Sitapur?

Sitapur district is one of the districts which is situated in Uttar Pradesh state of India, with Sitapur town as the district headquarters. Sitapur district is a part of Lucknow division….

Sitapur district
Tehsils 1.Sitapur 2.Biswan 3.Misrikh 4.Maholi 5.Laharpur 6.Mahmudabad 7.Sidhauli

Why is Sitapur called Sitapur?

There is no official description for its name but as the traditional sayings Sitapur is referred as Lord Ram’s wife Sita. It is said that she stayed with Lord Ram at this place during a pilgrimage. Afterwards, King Vikramaditya established this city in the memory of Sita, gave the place the name, Sitapur.

Who is Sitapur SP?

Officers posted at SITAPUR

S.No Name of IPS Officer Rank

How is Sitapur?

Sitapur is a town and a municipal board in Sitapur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is in the Lucknow Division….

State Uttar Pradesh
District Sitapur
Established 1857
Named for Goddess Sita

Is Sitapur rural or urban?

Sitapur District Urban/Rural 2011 Out of the total Sitapur population for 2011 census, 11.84 percent lives in urban regions of district. In total 530,784 people lives in urban areas of which males are 277,141 and females are 253,643. Sex Ratio in urban region of Sitapur district is 915 as per 2011 census data.

Which is the area code for Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh?

UTTAR PRADESH (E) STD code / area code / phone dial calling code for SITAPUR is 5862, which is in SITAPUR in the state of UTTAR PRADESH (E) If calls are made with in India:

How big is the district of Sitapur in India?

There are 19 blocks, two parliamentary constituencies (Sitapur, Mishrikh (SC)) and nine assembly constituencies ( Sewta, Biswan, Mahmoodabad, Sidhauli (SC), Laharpur, Sitapur, Hargaon (SC), Mishrikh and Maholi). Total population of the district is 28.57 Lacs and the area is 5743 Sq. Km.

How did the place of Sitapur get its name?

Sitapur as the name depicts, was established by the king Vikarmaditya after the name of Lord Ram’s wife Sita. This place is concerned with ancient, medieval and modern history.

How many police stations are there in Sitapur district?

There are 19 blocks, 4 parliamentary constituencies (Sitapur, Mishrikh (SC), Mohanlalganj, Dhaurhara), 9 assembly constituencies ( Sevata, Biswan, Mahmoodabad, Sidhauli (SC), Laharpur, Sitapur, Hargaon (SC), Mishrikh and Maholi), 19 Blocks and 26 Police Stations. Total population of the district is 44.84 lakh and the area is 5,743 km 2.

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