What is the capital city in Africa?

What is the capital city in Africa?

The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho, with a population of 14,000. The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho, with a population of 14,000….Zimbabwe – Harare.

Country Capital
Seychelles Victoria
Sierra Leone Freetown
Somalia Mogadishu
South Africa Pretoria

What are the 54 countries in Africa and their capital?

African Countries: Full List of Countries in Africa and Capitals

  • Algeria – Algiers.
  • Angola – Luanda.
  • Benin – Porto-Novo.
  • Botswana – Gaborone.
  • Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou.
  • Burundi – Bujumbura.
  • Cameroon – Yaounde.
  • The Republic of Cabo Verde – Praia.

Does Africa have a capital?

There are a small minority of countries in the world which have more than one capital. However, the only country in the world to have three capitals is South Africa. The South African Government is divided into three sections and therefore, based in three diverse capitals.

Which country in Africa has the best capital city?

Dar Es Salaam is not just a city in Tanzania, it is one which truly portrays the true meaning of its name – Abode of Peace – because it ranks as the most peaceful city in Africa. Other than being peaceful and highly developed, it is also the former capital of Tanzania before it was moved to Dodoma in 1996.

What is the biggest city in Africa?

Africa/Largest cities

Which is the main capital city of Africa?

Africa is a continent with the big exotic capital cities such as Cairo, Cape Town, Tunis, Pretoria, and others.

Which is the best city to live in Africa?

Cape Town and Pretoria are the two capitals of Africa that are considered to be one of the best places to live in this particular region. Cape Town, Tunis and Cairo are one of the most visited cities of the African continent by the tourists.

Which is the provincial capital of South Africa?

1 Cape Town.As previously mentioned, Cape Town is the seat of the National Parliament. 2 Pretoria.Pretoria, the seat of the executive branch, is located in Gauteng Province. 3 Bloemfontein.Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of South Africa, as well as the provincial capital of the Free State Province.

Which is the capital city of West Sahara?

Algiers – the capital city is an old town with the population of around 5,000,000. The city has alternative name Alger la Blanche (“Algiers the White”). West Sahara – it is the country of Maghreb region of North Africa. The country fought for independence and only in 2016 the European Union recognized the country’s independence from Morocco.

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