What is the climate of eastern Africa?

What is the climate of eastern Africa?

The climate of eastern Africa is generally tropical, though average temperatures tend to be reduced by the region’s high elevations. The region’s vegetation ranges from woodlands and grasslands in the wetter regions to thornbushes in semiarid areas.

What kind of climate does Central Africa have?

In the Central African Republic, a country located south of the Sahara and north of the Equator, the climate is tropical, hot all year round, with a dry season in winter. The rainy season, which lasts for most of the year in the south, is limited to the summer months in the north.

Which is the most beautiful city in East Africa?

Top 5 East African cities the « returnees » appreciate

  • Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Kigali, Rwanda.
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Kampala, Uganda.
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

    Are there wolves in central Africa?

    The African wolf (Canis lupaster) is a canine native to North Africa, West Africa, the Sahel, northern East Africa, and the Horn of Africa….African wolf.

    African wolf Temporal range: Middle Pleistocene – Recent 0.6-0 Ma
    Genus: Canis
    Species: C. lupaster
    Binomial name
    Canis lupaster Hemprich and Ehrenberg, 1832

    What is the climate like in Central Africa?

    The equator runs through the middle of Central Africa. Type A climates are dominant in the region, complete with tropical rain forests and jungle environments. In the north is the African Transition Zone, which runs through Chad. In Chad, the arid region of the Sahara Desert transitions into the humid tropics.

    What is the average temperature in eastern Africa?

    Eastern Africa overall mean temperature increased by 0.7 to 1 °C from 1973 to 2013, depending on the season. The strong, sometimes non-linear altitudinal gradients of temperature and moisture regimes, also contribute to the climate diversity of Eastern Africa.

    How are the seasons and weather in Africa?

    The seasons and weather in Africa vary from north to south as the continent straddles the Equator, extending almost equally in each direction. Africa’s climate is just as variable, ranging from desert to jungle, subtropical coastal bushland to mountains.

    Where is the best weather in southern Africa?

    Further east, the savannahs in Kenya enjoy ideal weather all year long. Southern Africa’s weather varies more than its northern neighbours, with considerable changes in temperature throughout the year.

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