What is the common language of business of Eastern Africa?

What is the common language of business of Eastern Africa?

The language dates from the contacts of Arabian traders with the inhabitants of the east coast of Africa over many centuries. Under Arab influence, Swahili originated as a lingua franca used by several closely related Bantu-speaking tribal groups.

What is the importance of the Swahili language in East Africa?

Swahili is spoken by over 100m people in Africa so it’s pretty hard to ignore a language that’s spoken by so many people. Its importance as a lingua franca is recognised by foreign media organisations such as the BBC, which broadcasts radio programmes in Swahili.

What is the most important language in Africa?

Swahili is the most spoken language in Africa, with over 100 million speakers. It is a Bantu language believed to have originated from other languages, mainly Arabic, due to historical interactions between Arabs from the Middle East and East Africans.

What are the advantages of Kiswahili?

Swahili will definitely make it easier for one to build relationships and trust when working with people who speak Swahili, and it`s a bit more efficient than trying to learn many other different tribal languages of East and Central Africa.

Why is Swahili better than English?

Swahili is said to be the easiest African language for an English speaker to learn. It’s one of the few sub-Saharan African languages that have no lexical tone, just like in English. It’s also much easier to read as you read out Swahili words just the way they are written.

Which country in Africa has the best musicians?

That being said, the country with the best musicians in the African continent is Nigeria with the biggest music industry and top international artistes.

Which is the most useful language in East Africa?

Swahili is the most useful language in East Africa. In Ethiopia, most people speak Amharic. Portuguese is widely spoken in South-Eastern Africa. 001 0 0

Why are African languages important to the world?

The importance of African languages. For many decades Africa has been the only place in the world where most children are taught in the language that is not their own. This places African languages at the centre of discussion where education is concerned.

Why is Swahili the official language of East Africa?

Acting Information minister Barbra Nekesa said the rigorous introduction of the Swahili language was aimed at easing the country’s engagements with people from other states under the EAC. The language is also spoken in Africa’s largest state, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Which is the best language to do business in Africa?

Top 5 African languages for doing business in Africa 1 SWAHILI. 2 AMHARIC. 3 YORUBA. 4 OROMO. 5 HAUSA.

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