What is the education rate in Sierra Leone?

What is the education rate in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone rises the literacy rate According to UNESCO Sierra Leone it has an adult literacy rate of 43.21%. While the male literacy rate is 51.65%, for females is 34.85%, showing a big gap between the sexes. Compared to the rest of countries the literacy rate in Sierra Leone is very low.

How is education in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone’s education system is divided into four stages; primary education lasting six years, junior secondary education of three years, three years of either senior secondary education or technical vocational education and four years of university or other tertiary education.

How many people can read and write in Sierra Leone?

Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. Sierra Leone literacy rate for 2018 was 43.21%, a 10.78% increase from 2013. Sierra Leone literacy rate for 2013 was 32.43%, a 2.4% decline from 2004.

Why is hunger a problem in Sierra Leone?

More than 3 million Sierra Leoneans lack reliable access to adequate food. In total, over 40% of Sierra Leone’s population is food insecure. Over 50% of Sierra Leone’s population lives on less than $1.25 per day, so many people struggle to buy sufficient and nutritious food.

What are the aims of education in Sierra Leone?

The aim of the Education For All is to reach out to isolated communities and provide access to education for the children.

How many years of school does Sierra Leone have?

The system of education in Sierra Leone comprises three basic levels: primary, junior secondary and senior secondary. All six years of primary education are free of cost.

Why are girls not going to school in Sierra Leone?

Shortages of facilities, supplies, and quality instructors have made it virtually impossible for all children to enroll in school, and a preference for boys’ education remains dominant. Girls are often instructed to stay home and perform domestic responsibilities while their brothers head to the classroom.

When did Sierra Leone stop paying school fees?

The 2004 Education act abolished school fees for all children at primary school and at junior secondary school for girls in the northern and eastern areas.

How did the Civil War affect education in Sierra Leone?

In 1993 the government adopted a four-stage approach to education and created the National Commission for Basic Education. During the 1990s the Sierra Leone Civil War set these goals back destroying much of the country’s infrastructure including schools; for example, 1,270 primary schools were destroyed.

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