What is the main airport of Jamaica?

What is the main airport of Jamaica?

Montego Bay Jamaica – Sangster International Airport
Montego Bay Jamaica – Sangster International Airport (MBJ)

How many airstrip are in Jamaica?

There are 7 Airports in Jamaica and this list covers all these 7 Jamaica Airports.

Is the airport open in Jamaica?

Jamaica’s air and sea borders are open to most foreign travelers. Effective 4 March 2021, all travelers to Jamaica, 12 years of age and over, regardless of nationality, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test result to check in for a flight to Jamaica.

How long is the flight to Jamaica?

How long do flights to Jamaica take? Non-stop flights from London to Jamaica take about 10 hours, with the fastest flights coming in at around 9 hours and 45 minutes (that’s London Gatwick Airport to Kingston).

How long is quarantine in Jamaica?

Quarantine Information Visitors to the island are requested to quarantine at their location of arrival for up to 14 days, depending on type of travel.

Can I travel to Jamaica during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Unvaccinated travelers should avoid nonessential travel to Jamaica. Because of the current situation in Jamaica, all travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants. Travelers should follow recommendations or requirements in Jamaica, including wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart from others.

What are the names of the airports in Jamaica?

/  17.93556°N 76.78750°W  / 17.93556; -76.78750  ( Norman Manley International Airport) /  18.50361°N 77.91333°W  / 18.50361; -77.91333  ( Sangster International Airport) /  18.40417°N 76.96889°W  / 18.40417; -76.96889  ( Ian Fleming International Airport) /  17.98833°N 76.82361°W  / 17.98833; -76.82361  ( Tinson Pen Aerodrome)

How big is Sangster International Airport in Jamaica?

Over the years, the upgrading process was a continuous one, ultimately the facility had grown into the larger of the two international airports in Jamaica, handling approximately 5.6 million passengers per year back in 2004. For a listing of the airlines that serves the Sangster Int’l airport, click here.

Which is the closest airport to Kingston Jamaica?

The Norman Manley airport is situated approximately 30 minutes from Kingston the capital of Jamaica. With its proximity to Kingston it mainly serves business travellers and resident Jamaicans. If you are visiting the parishes of Port Antonio, Kingston, St. Andrew, Clarendon, St. Catherine or Mandeville.

Where is Ian Fleming International Airport in Jamaica?

Jamaica’s newest international airport, the Ian Fleming International Airport, is located in the Ocho Rios resort area. The new airport is a convenient entry point to Jamaica’s north coast for small aircraft. Many of Jamaica’s renowned villas and resorts are only minutes away. Ground Transportation is easily arranged.

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