What is the most heavily traveled passenger air route in the world?

What is the most heavily traveled passenger air route in the world?

The top 50 busiest air routes

Rank Airport 1 Airport 2
1 Jeju Seoul-Gimpo
2 Sapporo Tokyo-Haneda
3 Sydney Melbourne
4 Fukuoka Tokyo-Haneda

What is the most common flight path?

The 10 busiest international routes in the world:

  • Kuala Lumpur – Singapore: 30,187 flights.
  • Hong Kong – Taipei: 28,447 flights.
  • Jakarta – Singapore: 27,046 flights.
  • Hong Kong – Shanghai: 20,678 flights.
  • Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur: 19,741 flights.
  • Seoul Incheon – Osaka: 19,711 flights.
  • New York LaGuardia – Toronto: 17,038 flights.

Which of these is the busiest route in the world?

The world’s 10 busiest airline routes

  • Beijing – Shanghai Hongqiao – 768.2k.
  • Sapporo – Tokyo Haneda – 669.4k.
  • Fukuoka – Tokyo Haneda – 624.5k.
  • Guangzhou – Shanghai Hongqiao – 617.6k.
  • Shanghai Hongqiao – Shenzhen – 602.9k.
  • Tokyo Haneda – Osaka – 485.4k.
  • Chengdu – Beijing – 475.9k.
  • Tokyo Haneda – Okinawa – 465.2k.

What is the most flown airline?

American Airlines
By scheduled passenger-kilometers flown (millions)

Rank Airline 2018
1 American Airlines 330,577
2 Delta Air Lines 330,034
3 United Airlines 329,562
4 Emirates 302,298

What country has the busiest airspace?

2017 statistics

Rank Metropolitan area Country
1. London United Kingdom
2. New York United States
3. Tokyo Japan
4. Shanghai China

Which is the busiest air route in Europe?

Among other European countries, based on airport statistics, no other country than Russia, Ukraine and Turkey can have domestic routes with more than 1 million passengers. The St-Petersburg Pulkovo Airport – Moscow (three airports) route was used by 2,965,331 passengers in 2013.

Which is the busiest route in the world?

At Simple Flying, we explored a lot of OAG’s data concerning such trends towards the end of last year. Examples of this work can be found at the following links: 2019’s busiest international routes. Europe’s busiest route. The busiest US routes in November 2020. The busiest was Atlanta-Orlando at the time.

Which is the busiest air route in Australia?

Melbourne-Sydney is, by far, the busiest Australian air route. India’s number one is Delhi-Mumbai. Seoul Gimpo-Jeju is actually trumped by another route when it comes to total flights per day.

Which is the best European airport for long haul flights?

British airports dominate when it comes to long-haul flights from European airports. London Heathrow snaffles the top four spots for its routes to New York JFK, Dubai International, Los Angeles International and Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok, while its services to Chicago O’Hare and New York Newark also make the top 10.

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