What is the population of Surigao City 2020?

What is the population of Surigao City 2020?

171,107 people
According to the 2020 census, it has a population of 171,107 people. Located at the north-easternmost tip of Mindanao, it has a total land area of 245.34 km2 which is roughly 1.4% of Caraga region.

What is the population of Surigao del Norte?


Surigao del Norte
Area rank 62nd out of 81
Highest elevation (Mount Legaspi) 1,095 m (3,593 ft)
Population (2020 census)
• Total 534,636

How many barangay are there in Surigao City?

54 barangays
Surigao City has 54 barangays as shown in the following table.

What is thank you in Surigaonon?

Comparison between Surigaonon, Cebuano, and Tausug

English Tausug Cebuano
Thank you Magsukul Salamat
‘I am staying at’ or ‘I live at’ Naghuhula’ aku ha Nagpuyo ako sa
I am here at the house. Yari aku ha bay. Dia ko sa bay.
I am Hungry. Hiyapdi’ aku. Gi-gutom ko.

How do you say good morning in Surigaonon?

Basic greeting according to the time of the day. Madayaw is equivalent to Cebuano’s maayo or good in English. Buntag for morning, udto for noon, hapon for afternoon and dum for evening.

What Surigao means?

Surigao probably came from Spanish word Surgir, meaning swift water or current. With the division of Surigao into two province, Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte, the municipality of Surigao became the capital of Surigao del Norte. It became a chartered City on August 31, 1970.

What is the population of Surigao del Sur?

This represented 3.80% of the total population of Surigao del Sur province, or 0.87% of the overall population of the Caraga region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 85 inhabitants per square kilometer or 219 inhabitants per square mile.

Which is the closest city to Surigao City?

Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 9.0 meters or 29.5 feet above mean sea level. Based on the great-circle distance (the shortest distance between two points over the surface of the Earth), the cities closest to Surigao City are Cabadbaran, Maasin, Butuan, Tandag, Gingoog, and Bayugan.

Who are the people of Surigao in Mindanao?

In precolonial times, the region of Surigao was inhabited by the Visayan Surigaonon people in the coastal areas, as well as Lumad groups in the interiors like the Mandaya, Mansaka, Mamanwa and Manobo. During the Spanish Occupation in 1860, six military districts were created in Mindanao, with Surigao and Agusan forming the “East District”.

Where is Tago located in Surigao del Sur?

Tago is located in the central part of Surigao del Sur facing the Pacific Ocean. It lies between 126 degrees 12 minutes longitude and 9 degrees minutes north latitude.

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