What is the postcode of Kurunegala Sri Lanka?

What is the postcode of Kurunegala Sri Lanka?

Kurunegala Post code 60000 Details
Postal Zip Codes 60000
ISO-3166 alpha2 Code LK
ISO-3166 alpha3 Code LKA
Country Name Sri Lanka

What is the country code of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka/Dialing codes

How many seats are there in Kurunegala?

The district currently elects 15 of the 225 members of the Sri Lankan Parliament and had 1,183,649 registered electors in 2010….Kurunegala Electoral District.

Electorate 1,183,649 (2010)
Area 4,816 km2 (1,859 sq mi)
Current Electoral District
Number of members 15

Which province is Kurunegala?

North Western Province
Kurunegala (Sinhala: කුරුණෑගල, Tamil: குருணாகல்) is a major city in Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of the North Western Province and the Kurunegala District.

Which country code is 964?

Iraq Country
Iraq Country Code 964 – Worldometer.

How many seats are in Hambantota district?

The district currently elects 7 of the 225 members of the Sri Lankan Parliament and had 421,186 registered electors in 2010….Hambantota Electoral District.

Population 558,000 (2008)
Electorate 421,186 (2010)
Area 2,609 km2 (1,007 sq mi)
Current Electoral District

How to call Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka?

Kurunegala IDD phone number: 0094 37 Local Area Land Line Phone Code for Kurunegala: 037 District Postal Code Maharachchimulla 60286 Maho 60600 Makulewa 60714 Makulpotha 60514

What is the area code for Sri Lanka?

dial Sri Lanka country code : 94 ; dial the area code : For example “36 + 5 digits ” is Avissawella area phone code ; add the Sri Lankan phone number without the leading ‘0’.

Do you need code 94 to call Sri Lanka?

As many Asian countries, the international dialing code 94 is only required to call Sri Lanka from abroad. Concerning national calls made in Sri Lanka, it is not necessary to dial the Sri Lankan country code 94.

What is the average annual rainfall in Kurunegala?

The average annual rainfall in Kurunegala is about 2,000 millimetres (79 in). Pop. According to the 2001 census data, the estimated population of Kurunegala was 28,401. The male population was 14,626 and the female population was 13,775. Most of Kurunegala’s residents belong to the Sinhalese majority.

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