What is the STD code of Jabalpur?

What is the STD code of Jabalpur?

The STD code of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is 0761.

What is Narsinghpur famous for?

Narsinghpur is a district which is well known for its fertile land. The black soil is suited for any kind of cultivation and there are adequate irrigation facilities. The district is famous for its rich agricultural production.

Who is Narsinghpur SP?

Shri Vipul Srivastava (IPS) | District Narsinghpur, Government of Madhya Pradesh | India.

What is STD Code of Gwalior?

STD & PIN Codes

S.No. Area Name STD Code
1 Gwalior 0751
2 Bhitarwar 07525
3 Dabra 07524
4 Chinor 07525

Which state code is 36 in GST?

User Guidelines

State Code State Name
34 Pondicherry
35 Andaman & Nicobar Islands
36 Telangana
37 Andhra Pradesh (New)

How many villages are there in Narsinghpur?

It has five city (Narsinghpur, Kareli, Gotegaon, Gadarwara & Babai Chichali), and 1052 villages.

Which state is itarsi?

Madhya Pradesh

Who is the full form of SP?

Superintendent of Police
Superintendent of Police (S.P.) Officers of Indian Police Service (IPS) and State Police Service can get the post of Superintendent of Police. In a non-metropolitan district, the Superintendent of Police is the head of the district. In various headquarters, the third head is the Superintendent of Police.

Which state has GST code?

What are the valid codes for states and union territories?

State TIN State Code
Himachal Pradesh 02 HP
Jammu and Kashmir 01 JK
Jharkhand 20 JH
Karnataka 29 KA

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