What is virudhunagar code?

What is virudhunagar code?

Virudhunagar Pin Code is 626001.

What is the old name of Virudhunagar?

The town’s name was changed to Virudhupatti in 1875 and on 6 April 1923, the town council renamed it Virudhunagar.

Is Virudhunagar is a district?

About District Virudhunagar district came into existence by the bifurcation of Ramanathapuram district vide State Government Notification, G.O. Ms. 347 dated 8.3. The administrative headquarters of Virudhunagar district is located at Virudhunagar town.

Which district is TN 59?

TN-59- Madurai, District RTO office in Tamil Nadu State.

Is virudhunagar rural or urban?

Virudhunagar District Population of Rural and Urban The district has an total area of 4,241 sq km., 446.7 sq km is urban and 3794 sq km is rural. Out of total population of Virudhunagar, 2,155,940 in the district, 980,226 are in urban area and 962,062 are in rural area.

How many platforms does Dindigul junction have?

Dindigul Junction railway station

Dindigul Junction
Elevation 287 metre
Platforms 5
Connections Bus stand, Taxicab stand, Auto rickshaw stand

What is the Pincode of Thiruvadanai?

Thiruvadanai/Zip codes

Which is the postal code of Virudhunagar in Tamil Nadu?

List of virudhunagar Locations Pin Code Location Pincode State District A.Ramalingapuram 626203 Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar Achankulam 626141 Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar Achanthavirthan 626137 Tamil Nadu Virudhunagar

Which is the district headquarters of Virudhunagar district?

/  9.583°N 77.950°E  / 9.583; 77.950 Virudhunagar (also known as Virudupatti) is a town and the administrative headquarters of the Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 506 km (314 mi) southwest of the state capital Chennai and 53 km (33 mi) south of Madurai.

What is the average temperature in Virudhunagar, India?

The average daily temperature ranges from a maximum of 38.5 °C (101.3 °F) to a minimum of 30 °C (86 °F). The town receives an annual average rainfall of 829.6 mm (32.66 in), which is less than the state average of 1,008 mm (39.7 in). The South-west monsoon, which begins in June and lasts until August, brings little rain.

When did Virudhunagar become independent from Vijayanagar Empire?

Virudhunagar was a part of Madurai region (the region comprising all of southern Tamil Nadu beyond Trichy in modern times) during the 16th century CE. The region became independent from Vijayanagar Empire in 1559 under the Nayaks.

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