What line of latitude is Montreal?

What line of latitude is Montreal?

The latitude of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is 45.508888, and the longitude is -73.561668….Montreal, Quebec, Canada Lat Long Coordinates Info.

Country Canada
Latitude 45.508888
Longitude -73.561668
DMS Lat 45° 30′ 31.9968” N
DMS Long 73° 33′ 42.0048” W

What is the longitude and latitude of Quebec?

46.8139° N, 71

What is the latitude of Toronto Canada?

43.6532° N, 79.3832° W

How far apart are Toronto and Montreal?

about 335 miles
Montreal is about 335 miles (541 kilometers) northeast of Toronto. The fastest route by car is to take Ontario Highway 401 out of Toronto and drive straight to Montreal.

What cities are on the same latitude as Montreal?

Montréal is located at latitude 45.50884 and longitude -73.58781. It is part of America and the northern hemisphere….Cities at the same latitude as Montréal.

City Coordinates
Milan, Italy 45.46427, 9.18951
Harbin, China 45.75, 126.65
Portland, United States 45.52345, -122.67621

Does Quebec have a flag?

Flag. The Quebec flag was adopted by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council in 1948 and confirmed by the province’s legislature in 1950. The flag’s proportions are three by length and two by width. The flag of Quebec is often called the “Fleurdelisé”.

What is the latitude of Vancouver Canada?

49.2827° N, 123.1207° W

Which cities are on the same latitude as Toronto?

Answer: Florence. Ontario’s capital and the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region are both at 43.7 degrees north latitude. Answer: Florence.

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of Montreal Canada?

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 45.508888, -73.561668. Montreal is a large city located in the southernmost part of the Territory of Quebec, southeastern Canada.

What is the time and date in Montreal Canada?

Help us verify the data and let us know if you see any information that needs to be changed or updated. Latitude: 45.5 The current time and date in Montreal is 11:17 PM on Sunday, April 19, 2020. Travelmath provides a database of major and local cities around the world.

Where is the city of Montreal located in Canada?

The city is located on the central and eastern portions of the Island of Montreal, the largest island in the Hochelaga Archipelago, at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.

Where is the altitude located in downtown Montreal?

It is located at 1225 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard at the corner of Cathcart Street in Downtown Montreal, opposite Place Ville-Marie .

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