When was Ireland Army Hospital built?

When was Ireland Army Hospital built?

The structure was completed in 1957 and served as the hospital for the Fort Knox community until its transition to a health clinic September 1, 2016. Before its transition, Ireland Army Community Hospital (IRACH) served over 318,000 patients including Active Duty, Guard / Reserve, Families and Retirees.

Is there a hospital at Fort Knox?

Fort Knox – Ireland Army Community Hospital. Delivers medical care to Service Members, their families and military retirees in the Fort Knox community.

What county is Ireland Army Community Hospital in?

Hardin County, Kentucky – Ireland Army Community Hospital – 502-624-9070 – Hospitals – Claims Pages.

What county is Fort Knox Hospital in?

Fort Knox encompasses 109,000 acres in three Kentucky counties, Bullitt, Hardin, and Mead Counties and is located 35 miles south from Louisville, and north of Elizabethtown.

Who runs Fort Knox?

the United States Department of the Treasury
It is operated by the United States Department of the Treasury and stores over half the country’s gold reserves. It is protected by the United States Mint Police and is well known for its physical security. The depository was built by the Treasury in 1936 on land transferred to it from Fort Knox.

How many hospitals are in Ireland?

86 hospitals
There were 86 hospitals in Ireland in 2018, the lowest number in the country since the start of the provided time interval.

What is the name of the hospital in Fort Knox Kentucky?

Ireland Army Community Hospital
Off-post clinics in this six-state area include Bluegrass Army Depot, Camp Atterbury Troop Medical Clinic, Fort McCoy Troop Medical Clinic, Rock Island Health Clinic, and Selfridge Health Clinic….

Ireland Army Community Hospital
Branch United States Army
Garrison/HQ Fort Knox
Motto(s) “Because We Care”

Does southern Ireland have an army?

As of mid-2016, the Army had approximately 7,300 active personnel, with 1,663 personnel in the Army Reserve. Up to late 2012 the army had three brigades: 1 Southern, 2 Eastern and 4 Western; in 2012, 4 Western Brigade stood down at its HQ Custume Barracks, Athlone.

Where is Ireland Army Community Hospital in Fort Knox?

Ireland Army Community Hospital in Fort Knox – General Acute Care Hospital. Ireland Army Community Hospital is a General Acute Care Hospital in Fort Knox, Kentucky. The NPI Number for Ireland Army Community Hospital is 1922142991. The current location address for Ireland Army Community Hospital is Bldg. 851 289 Ireland Ave.

When did the Ireland Army Community Hospital close?

Ireland Army Community Hospital closed January 2020. A replacement clinic (Ireland Army Health Center) opened nearby 21 January 2020. The hospital facility was named in honor of Major General Merritte W. Ireland, a surgeon and U.S. Army Surgeon General from October 30, 1918, to May 31, 1931.

Where is the Army Community Hospital in Kentucky?

Army Community Hospital, , Fort Knox, Kentucky and the contact number is 502-624-9266 and fax number is 502-624-9289.

Where was the first Fort Knox Community Hospital?

Ireland Army Community Hospital. The earliest hospital at Fort Knox Kentucky, was a World War I cantonment building, constructed in 1918 on the site of the Lindsey Golf Course. When the facility burned in 1928, medical services moved to the World War I guesthouse on Bullion Boulevard until a brick hospital was built in 1934 on E Street.

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