Where did North and West Africans meet to trade?

Where did North and West Africans meet to trade?

Merchants from the north and south then met to exchange goods in Ghana. By 800 Ghana was firmly in control of West Africa’s trade routes. Nearly all trade between northern and southern Africa passed through Ghana.

What occurs during a silent trade?

Silent trade, also called dumb barter, or depot trade, specialized form of barter in which goods are exchanged without any direct contact between the traders. Generally, one group goes to a customary spot, deposits the goods to be traded, and withdraws, sometimes giving a signal such as a call or a gong stroke.

What was the silent trade in Africa?

Silent trading was mainly used during the period 500 to 1500. The practice was also well established between tribes in Africa in their trade with India. Cosmas Indicopleustes describes this practiced in Azania, where officials from Axum traded for gold with beef.

What does a North African trader do during silent trade?

What did the North African’s do during the silent bartering? Spread their goods along the river, beat the drum to tell Wangaran I am making an offer & I leave.

What a North African trader does during silent bartering?

What is silent trade quizlet?

To perform a silent trade, one group of traders would go to a specific location, leave their trading goods and then withdraw to a distance. The other group of traders would then approach and inspect the goods (most commonly salt or gold).

What was the trade between North Africa and West Africa?

Caravans of camel riding merchants from North Africa crossed the Sahara beginning in the seventh century of the Common Era. Traders exchanged gold for something the West Africans prized even more: salt.

What was the route of the slave trade?

The slave trade route between Africa and North America was known as the Middle Passage. From the early 1500s to the mid-1900s Africans were treated poorly and had suffered greatly from the journey of the Middle Passage.

Who was involved in the transatlantic slave trade?

During the early years of the transatlantic slave trade, the Portuguese generally purchased Africans who had been taken as slaves during tribal wars. As the demand for slaves grew, the Portuguese began to enter the interior of Africa to forcibly take captives; as other Europeans became involved in the slave trade.

How did the Atlantic slave trade affect Africa?

The use of African slave labour was not new. The Spanish and Portuguese had been using African slaves since the 16th century. However, the Atlantic slave trade of the 18th century was a new kind of slavery and was on a scale much greater than ever before.

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