Where do you fly into to go to Sanibel Island?

Where do you fly into to go to Sanibel Island?

Southwest Florida International Airport
The Southwest Florida International Airport located in Fort Myers is the closest one to Sanibel Island in the region. Aside from being located 28 miles from Sanibel, it’s also the cheapest one in the region. Because it’s an international airport, many foreign travelers find it easier to get to Sanibel via Fort Myers.

Which beach is better Captiva or Sanibel?

While both Sanibel and Captiva Island are both beautiful, they each offer something different. Sanibel Island is better for shelling, while Captiva Island has the softest sands. Don’t get us wrong, Captiva Island beaches are still better for shelling than most beaches in the entire world!

Is there a shuttle on Sanibel Island?

There is no public transportation on Sanibel Island. The closest airport is the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), which is about 30 miles east of Sanibel.

Is Destin or Sanibel Island better?

There’s a lot of attractions for a family and no beach in the US is better than the Destin area. Sanibel is near a busy area. Destin is almost remote compared to the Ft. Myers area.

Why is Sanibel Island so popular?

The island beaches are the main attraction. Sanibel is famous for some of the best shelling in the entire world due to Sanibel’s position along the coast. The island sits East and West perpendicular to the coast before the island turns north paralleling the coast like most other barrier islands.

Are there Uber drivers on Sanibel Island?

On Sanibel we have the Island Taxi and the Sanibel Taxi. Uber is also an option, however few Uber drivers travel to Sanibel.

Can you drive on Sanibel Island?

Can you drive to Sanibel Island? Yes! Rental cars can be obtained from both airports.

Where to fly into from Sanibel Island FL?

Sanibel Island is 20 mi from Southwest Florida International Airport (Fort Myers, FL). Right now, 24 airlines operate out of Southwest Florida International Airport. Southwest Florida International Airport offers nonstop flights to 27 cities. Every week, at least 455 domestic flights depart from Southwest Florida International Airport.

How long is the flight from Punta Gorda to Sanibel?

Distance from Punta Gorda Airport (Florida)to Sanibel is 32.7 miles / 52.6 kilometers. Punta Gorda Airport (Florida) is located approximately 3.4 miles / 5.5 kilometers east of Punta Gorda and about 5.4 miles / 8.7 kilometers east of Punta Gorda Isles.

How long is the flight from Sarasota to Sanibel?

Distance from Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport to Sanibel is 73.2 miles / 117.9 kilometers. Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport is located approximately 3.0 miles / 4.9 kilometers southeast of Bayshore Gardens and about 4.3 miles / 7.0 kilometers north of Sarasota.

How long is the flight from Tampa to Sanibel?

Tampa is 158 miles or 2.5 hours from Sanibel, which might be convenient if you want to spend a night exploring the Tampa area. The Orlando International Airport is 185 miles from Sanibel, which is one of the farthest from the list.

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