Where does Tunisia export to?

Where does Tunisia export to?

Tunisia top 5 Export and Import partners 2019 Tunisia exports to France worth US$ 4,353 million, with a partner share of 29.13 percent. Tunisia exports to Italy worth US$ 2,415 million, with a partner share of 16.16 percent. Tunisia exports to Germany worth US$ 1,920 million, with a partner share of 12.85 percent.

What does Tunisia Export Import?

Top U.S. export categories were petroleum products, agricultural goods, chemicals, machinery, and transportation equipment. Major imports from Tunisia included crude oil, apparel, food products (mainly olive oil and dates), electronics, and electrical components. About 75% of Tunisian exports go to the European Union.

Which 3 countries does Tunisia trade with most regularly?

The most common import partners for Tunisia are France ($3.69B), Italy ($3.37B), Germany ($1.66B), China ($1.65B), and Algeria ($1.43B).

What is the main product of Tunisia?

Tunisia’s most significant exports are textiles and leather products, electrical machinery, and crude and refined petroleum. Its major imports are consumer products, raw materials, machinery and electrical equipment, and food products.

Is Tunisia richer than Nigeria?

Nigeria with a GDP of $397.3B ranked the 32nd largest economy in the world, while Tunisia ranked 97th with $39.9B….Gross Domestic Product & Income.

Stat Nigeria Tunisia
Population 190.9M 11.6M
GDP per capita $2k $3.4k
GDP per capita growth -0.67% 1.32%

Where are the salt mines located in Tunisia?

Most of the mines are situated in the northwest part of the regency. Marine salt is taken from several sebkas or shallow salt lakes, where it is embedded on the surface in large quantities. Gebel Hadifa contains a considerable mine of rock salt.

Where are the countries that export salt located?

These countries are located throughout Europe although some African countries and one Asian nation also make the list.

What kind of products does Tunisia export to the world?

Tunisia Country Commercial Guide. According to the INS, total exports in 2017 increased by 18.1% compared to 2016, mainly as a result of an increase in exports of energy and lubricants (24.6%), agricultural products (+20.9%), mechanical and electrical components (+20.4%), and textile and apparel (+16.3%).

Who are the major trade partners of Tunisia?

The top export destinations of Tunisia are France ($5.02B), Italy ($2.6B), Germany ($2.03B), Spain ($538M) and the United States ($438M). The top import origins are France ($3.38B), Italy ($3.33B), China ($1.85B), Germany ($1.79B) and Turkey ($1.05B). Tunisia borders Algeria and Libya by land and Italy by sea.

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