Where is the deepest part of Congo river?

Where is the deepest part of Congo river?

At its deepest point, the V-shaped canyon walls are 1100 meters tall, and the maximum width of the canyon is about 9 miles. At the bottom of the continental slope, it enters the Congo deep-sea fan and extends for an additional 220 km.

Why is the Congo river dangerous?

The Congo has suffered horribly throughout its history, and due to generations of foreign exploitation, political instability, corruption and civil war, not to mention a prevalence of crocodiles, hippos, waterfalls and huge rapids, the river seems to have been given a wide berth.

What is the dirtiest river?

Citarum River
Citarum River, Indonesia – The Citarum River is known as the most polluted river in the world and is located in West Java, Indonesia.

Are there crocodiles in Chad?

Chad. Populations of crocodiles in Chad are best known from Guelta Archei in the eastern Ennedi mountains, where several individuals have been reported since the 1930s (Figure 1) [18], [22], [57], [60], [64].

Which is the second longest river in Africa?

The Nile-Kagera is the second longest river in the world and the longest river in Africa. The Nile River in Egypt. As the world’s second largest continent, Africa is home to some of the longest rivers in the world.

Which is the longest stretch of the Congo River?

After the 1,000-mile stretch of the middle Congo, the river slows to a virtual stand-still for 20 miles (32 km) — a stretch known as Malebo Pool (formerly Stanley Pool).

Where is the Congo River basin located in Africa?

The land in the Congo Basin is a web of smaller rivers, swamps and forests. Its entire area covers almost all of the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, western Zambia, northern Angola, and parts of Cameroon, Gabon and Tanzania.

Which is the most powerful river in Africa?

At 2,922 miles, the Congo River is the second longest river in Africa. This river is also Africa’s most powerful river. Even though the Congo starts off as a peaceful river, especially near Lake Tanganyika, it eventually begins to widen and also picks up speed during this time.

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