Where is the Upper Guinean rainforest?

Where is the Upper Guinean rainforest?

The forest ecosystem extends from southern Guinea into eastern Sierra Leone, through Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and across southwestern Togo. In southern Ghana, the Upper Guinean forest meets the Dahomey Gap, a savanna corridor that interrupts the Guinean forest (Salzmann and Hoelzmann, 2004).

Are there rainforests in Guinea?

The Western Guinean Lowland Forest contains the westernmost rainforest on the African continent. The flora and fauna is distinctive, with larger numbers of narrowly endemic species than in the contiguous Eastern Guinean Lowland Forest ecoregion to the east.

What animals live in the Upper Guinean rainforest?

Over 2000 species of vascular plant have been recorded in the ecoregion, and mammals found here include the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), leopard (Panthera pardus), pygmy hippopotamus (Hexaprotodon liberiensis), Ogilby’s duiker (Cephalophus ogilbyi), Nimba otter shrew (Micropotamogale lamottei) and the African golden …

How many forests are in West Africa?

Nevertheless, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria are among the 50 most biodiverse countries in the world (WCMC 1994). For example, Nigeria includes about 4 600 plant species, of which approximately 200 are endemic….Chapter 14. West Africa.

Country/area Côte d’Ivoire
Forest area 2000 7 117
Area change 1990-2000 (total forest) -265

Why is the Horn of Africa a biodiversity hotspot?

The Horn of Africa is one of only two entirely arid hotspots. It extends from Oman and Yemen through Eritrea and Somalia to parts of Ethiopia and Kenya. It is notable for endemic plants, with more than 2700 species. It is one of the most degraded of the world’s hotspots, due to overgrazing and charcoal harvesting.

Why the Upper Guinean forest is considered a biodiversity hotspot?

The Upper Guinean forest is part of the larger Guinean Forest, which is considered a world biodiversity “hotspot” and a priority conservation area because of its high species endemism.

What percent of Papua New Guinea is rainforest?

According to the U.N. FAO, 63.4% or about 28,726,000 ha of Papua New Guinea is forested, according to FAO….Papua New Guinea Forest Information and Data.

Total Land Area (1000 ha) 45286
Total Forest Area (1000 ha) 28726
Percent Forest Cover 63
Primary Forest Cover (1000 ha) 26210
Primary Forest, % total forest 91

What plants are in Papua New Guinea?

The nation is one of the most diverse globally with 852 languages being registered in a population of 7,059,653 people….Threatened Native Plants Of Papua New Guinea.

Native Plants Of Papua New Guinea IUCN Conservation Status
Terminalia archipelagi Endangered
Aglaia penningtoniana Vulnerable
Cycas campestris Near Threatened
Ptychosperma gracile Near Threatened

What animals live in the Guinea Savanna?

Forty-three mammal species, including 4 small marsupials, live in this ecosystem: the Papuan planigale (Planigale novaeguineae), bronze quoll (a marsupial “cat”, Dasyurus spartacus), chestnut dunnart (a small marsupial, Sminthopsis archeri), and dusky pademelon (a small, kangaroo-like animal, Thylogale brunii).

Where is the Upper Guinean forest located in West Africa?

Of the intact forest remaining in the Upper Guinean forest, Guinea contains 6 percent, Sierra Leone 4 percent, Liberia 49 percent, Côte d’Ivoire 21 percent, Ghana 18 percent, and Togo 2 percent.

Where are the rain forests in West Africa?

It is believed that Liberia is the only country in West Africa that was once entirely covered with rain forests, yet less than half remains today (Bakarr and others, 2004). Of the intact forest remaining in the Upper Guinean forest, Guinea contains 6 percent, Sierra Leone 4 percent, Liberia 49 percent,…

How is the Upper Guinean forest being degraded?

It occurs mainly along the coast where rainfall is higher. Of all the Upper Guinean countries, only Liberia lies entirely within the moist forest zone. About 50 percent of the remaining Upper Guinean dense forest is contained within Liberia. Degraded forests were once dense, deciduous forests, now modified and fragmented by human activity.

Is the Upper Guinean forest a biodiversity hotspot?

The Upper Guinean forest of West Africa, identified over 20 years ago as a “global biodiversity hotspot” due to its exceptional concentrations of endemic species and exceptional loss of habitats, encompasses all of the lowland forests of West Africa (Mittermeier and others, 1999; Myers and others, 2000).

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