Which airport is nearest to Lake Garda?

Which airport is nearest to Lake Garda?

The nearest airport to Lake Garda is Verona. The official name of the airport is Verona Catullo di Villafranca and it is only 20Km from Peschiera.

How far is Lake Garda from airport?

Milan-Linate airport to Lake Garda Linate is Milan’s airport located southeast of the city, at a distance of about 100 km (63 miles) from Lake Garda. Also in this case there’s a shuttle bus that will take you to Milan Central Station in about 25 minutes.

Is there a train from Verona airport to Lake Garda?

Train from Verona Airport to Lake Garda: You need to take a shuttle from the airport heading into town to Verona Porta Nuova station and then take a train as detailed above. Taxi from Verona airport to Lake Garda are available outside the airport.

How much is a taxi from Verona airport to Lake Garda?

How much is a taxi from Verona Airport to Lake Garda? The taxi fare from Verona Airport to Lake Garda is €48 for three passengers. If you’re travelling with a group, we can arrange transfers in minivans and minibuses. Our extensive fleet includes standard and luxury vehicles.

Can you get a bus from Verona to Lake Garda?

There are three local bus companies that provide buses from Verona to the Lake Garda – Linee bus, Lago Di Garda, and Opera bus services. Head to Verona Stazione FS bus station or you to the train station Verona Porta Nuova as it stops here. The journey from Verona to Lake Garda is around an hour and ten minutes.

Is there a bus from Verona airport to Lake Garda?

Is there a direct bus between Verona Airport (VRN) and Garda? No, there is no direct bus from Verona Airport (VRN) to Garda. However, there are services departing from Verona Airport and arriving at Garda via Verona Stazione Porta Nuova. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 1h 58m.

How long do you need in Lake Garda?

How much time do you need in Lake Garda? You can drive around Lake Garda and get a quick impression in just a day or you can spend a week in the area and you’ll find plenty to see and do… Ideally, I suggest at least 2-3 days at Lake Garda.

Is Lake Garda hot in May?

The average high in Lake Garda is 22ºC in May. This drops to a cool 10ºC at night so you should bring some warmer clothes for the evenings. Humidity’s low, while there’s 88mm of rain over 13 days. You can expect 15 hours of daylight with seven hours of sunshine each day.

Which is the best airport to fly to for Lake Garda?

8 Best Airports for Lake Garda or How to Reach Quickly by Plane Italy’s Largest Lake. 1. Verona Airport. Verona Airport is the closest and in many ways the most convenient airport for Lake Garda, Italy. 2. Bergamo Airport. 3. Venice Airport. 4. Bologna Airport. 5. Treviso Airport.

How to get from Verona Airport to Lake Garda?

You can easily rent a car from Verona Airport or take a transfer. Dont bother getting a taxi as most will charge a hefty amount, that’s if they even agree to take you.

Which is the nearest airport to Desenzano del Garda?

The nearest airport to Desenzano del Garda is Verona (VRN) Airport which is 29.8 km away. Other nearby airports include Milan Bergamo (BGY) (68.5 km), Milan Linate (LIN) (98 km), Bologna (BLQ) (120.5 km) and Milan Malpensa (MXP) (143 km). How long does it take to get to Desenzano del Garda from the Airport?

How big is the area of Lake Garda?

First of all, it depends on where you are heading on Lake Garda, since it has an area of 370 square kilometers (143 square miles) and 150 km (93 miles) of coastline, divided into three regions.

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