Why is Atacama a desert?

Why is Atacama a desert?

Why is the Atacama Desert so dry? The first reason is that the desert sits on the wrong side of the Andes with regards to prevailing winds. As pictured above, the prevailing south-east trade winds carrying moist air are forced to rise. The moisture condenses, and falls on the opposite side of the Andes to the Atacama.

Why is the Atacama Desert dangerous?

Sterile Ground – Both the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Costal Range, which surround this desert, create a blockage of moisture, making the Atacama Desert a kind of death zone for vegetation, depriving the land of water and nutrients.

Where is the Atacama Desert located in Chile?

This is the region where the Atacama Desert is located, it is virtually a rain free desert rich in minerals such as cooper and nitrate. To the west the Andes mountains reach high altitude forming the Andean Altiplano. Norte Chicho or Near North – Located south of Norte Grande region and extends south to Rio Aconcagua.

Which is the driest desert in the world?

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (CNN) — Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert is the driest and, it’s been argued, oldest desert in the world — characteristics that might lead travelers to believe it’s an arid, windswept wasteland with little or nothing to see.

Where is the hand of the desert in Chile?

Located in the beach town of Punta del Este, the Monumento Al Ahogado (otherwise known as the Hand of Punta del Este), is still in the process of poking its fingers through the sand, but is a distinguishably similar work of art to the hand in Chile.

Which is the driest part of South America?

The territory of Chile extends from the north desert of Atacama, the driest in the world, to the southern end of South America, Cape Horn. Chile extends through three continents, South America, Antarctica and Oceania – Easter Island. From east to west it averages 177 km or 110 m from the Pacific Ocean to its border with Argentina.

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