Why is the Great Rift Valley significance?

Why is the Great Rift Valley significance?

The Rift Valley has been a rich source of fossils that allow study of human evolution, especially in an area known as Piedmont. Because the rapidly eroding highlands have filled the valley with sediments, a favourable environment for the preservation of remains has been created.

Why has the Great Rift Valley of Africa been so important to paleoanthropologists?

The Rift Valley in East/Northeast Africa has been an important source of Basal Pleistocene and Pliocene fossils because this geological phenomena has exposed deposits from these time periods for fossil hunters to explore.

Why has the Great Rift Valley been home to many settlements in Africa?

The great rift valley is home to many villages and settlements in africa because volcanic action in the region has formed fertile soil.

What is unique about the Great Rift Valley?

The most well-known rift valley on Earth is probably the so-called “Great Rift Valley System” which stretches from the Middle East in the north to Mozambique in the south. The area is geologically active, and features volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and frequent earthquakes.

Why is the Great Rift Valley the most distinguishing feature of the African continent?

The system of rift valleys that characterizes the African continent represents a perfect environment to understand the evolution of mankind; for the important paleoanthropological discoveries in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zaire, the African rift valleys are indeed considered the “cradle of mankind”, that is …

Which countries does the Great Rift Valley run through?

The Rift Valley consists of a group of independent interior basins, extending from Djibouti in the north to Tanzania in the south, nearly half being located in Ethiopia….

Name of basin Total area of basin Area in the country
Sudan 16 441
Uganda 4 514
Kenya 102 452
Southern lakes: 178 800

What are 3 facts about the Great Rift Valley?

The Great Rift Valley is a name given to the continuous geographical trench, about 6,000 kilometres (3,700 mi) in length, that runs from northern Syria in Southwest Asia to central Mozambique in East Africa. The rift is bordered by a series of mountains and active volcanoes. It is a site of faults and earthquakes.

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