Why were European colonizers interested in Africa?

Why were European colonizers interested in Africa?

Another reason for European interest in Africa is the industrialization when major social problems grew in Europe: unemployment, poverty, homelessness, social displacement from rural areas, etc. Europe saw the colonization of Africa as an opportunity to acquire a surplus population, thus settler colonies were created.

Why did Europeans want African resources?

Europeans wanted African resources like rubber and oil. They also wanted to create new markets for their goods that would lead them to great wealth for their nation. Several European industries benefited from African resources.

Why was the European Union interested in Africa?

Some of the countries that were especially interested in Africa include Britain, France and Portugal. One of the most important issues of interest in Africa was the abundance of raw materials for the industries that had been developing in Europe.

When did the first Europeans arrive in Africa?

It is common knowledge today that many parts of Africa were once colonized by European countries. Europeans began to arrive in the African continent as far back as the early 15th century.

Where did the Portuguese go when they came to Africa?

Ghana, formerly Gold Coast, was not the only African country to receive the Portuguese and Portugal was not the only European country to go to Ghana or other parts of Africa. The Europeans were normally given a warm welcome by chiefs and people of the African continent.

Why is Christianity the biggest religion in Africa?

Today the Christian religion is the biggest religion in Africa. Trade – the Europeans came to Africa because they wanted to engage in trade with the people of Africa. You see, Africa is a continent that has since time immemorial been blessed with so many natural resources such as gold, cocoa, bauxite, and what have you.

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